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It thrills me to have return clients, these wonderful clients who found me via a google search. We first met last year in a field near Allen, Texas.   As we were getting settled a man on a bike rides up and proceeds to warn us about "all the poisonous snakes". I about died, wondering if my new clients thought I'd be putting them and their children at risk. Yes we were at a nature preserve, so it was possible but I had not seen any.  Just in case - I did a lot of extra stomping.

 One of my favorite images of her and her sweet daughter just melting into mama for a kiss.  Just love when my littles fit so comfy alongside me.

Fast forward to this year and here we are in downtown Mckinney. I had not heard a peep from them in the past year and upon meeting this time the Mr. told me how much he loved my artistry and their images.  We had a wonderful time wandering around downtown checking out the alleys, the art, the and the scenes.

He doesn't know this but he made my day!  

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The Treelight Sessions 2015 - Allen Texas child photographer

Your tree, your children, your home, your life.

Remember those magical moments of the holiday in your own home with your children while our children are still little.


Limited Availability Dates 11/15 - 12/15
Fall 2015 Clients priority booking

Trick or Treating on Halloween in Allen Texas

Certainly I can remember dressing up many Halloween in New Jersey trick or treating with the 40 or so neighborhood children. Many years we wore homemade costumes like an old jacket of my dad's so I could be a hobo, or a clown costume my mom made for at least 3 - 4 years. We carried old pillow cases to carry home our goodies in, then dumped them on the family room floor to sort through and eat our favorite first.

 This, of course, occurred after Goosey Night. Goosey Night? Yes, the night before Halloween is known as Goosey Night and the neighborhood kids stay out after dark and cause a bit of a ruckus by writing on soap on parked car windows, tossing toilet paper over telephone lines, spraying shaving cream on cars.

 I thought everyone know about Goosey Night, but in Allen, Texas no on seems to know! I suppose that is a good thing as now I am a parent, a car owner, and a home owner so I probably wouldn't like Goosey Night very much.

 These days mine seem to want to be a new costume every year. So I thought were were going to be two Stormtroppers, to be it was not. A last minute switch and now I had a black phantom and a skeleton. Here was our group costume: Two skeletons, one ninja, two Five Nights at Freddies' characters. two black phantoms, Princess Leia

 We played a fun "Guess which Scary Movie Villan you are" game. I don't think I have one single photos of myself or my brothers dressed in costume for Halloween. Now isn't that sad?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun Fall Family Photos to capture with YOUR family - Allen Texas Photographer

Growing up in the northeast I  miss the beautiful fall foliage.  I remember many cool fall days of (forced) raking, and leaf piles, jumping and apple cider. Yes "forced" raking as we had such a huge yard and so many trees fall raking was one of my brothers and my chores in the fall.

 However, all the that raking did bring about gigantic leaf piles to jump in!

 It's not quite like that here in Texas, but fairly soon we should have some wonderful fall color here in the Big D.   Our best leaf display time frame is mid to late November, and I am so hoping our dry summer and dry fall won't adversely affect our fall colors, especially since we've gotten a lot of rain this past weekend.

 So go on, get out there with your family for some fall fun.

 1)  Jump! 

 Those who jump together have fun together!

2)  Throw leaves 

When this image was taken there weren't a lot of leaves on the ground, so hello Hobby Lobby to the rescue.

This one is a wee bit of Hello Photoshop.

This one is ALL nature!  Yippee!

3)  Walk  Together

Take a walk off into the sunset together.  In Allen, Texas we often find some lovely yellow fall flowers in the fields.

If inspired you can even Walk Like An Egyptian:

 4) Bust out those Bubbles

Bubbles can bring happiness in any season so I often keep them in my prop bag.    Take them out for some for end-of-the session spin and fun. It keeps the kids happy and have fun memories of your time with them.

5)  Explore Nature

Capture those moments of your children out in nature exploring, and here is  one of mine watching an  chasing leaves.  We had fabulous leaf color that year, that yellow . . so beautiful.

6)  Bring along Fido.

Take your doggies out and capture their fun too running amongst the leaves, chasing sticks.

This is a  most favorite one of my own child in the leaves:

I'd love to see what ya'll capture!! You an share by posting to my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/elizalexphotography?ref=bookmarks

a family of 3, soon to be a family of 4 - Allen Texas photographer

The first time I met this mama, she was just newly a mama. Her girl slept wonderfully while modeling beautiful headbands for me and That's The Cutest Thing ETSY shop.   Now that little baby is a girl in full swing - running around, loving her mama and daddy, swinging, exploring, learning to climb up and jumping off cliffs, I mean suitcases in Allen, Texas.

 She is soon-to-be a big sister and I wonder how well she will share her sweet mama. I *think* she was removing her daddy's hand from her mama!!   It is such an adorable moment of a family soon growing to a family of four.  Congrats ya'll!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Three stages of living - living for you - Allen, Tx photographer

A week or so ago I spent every morning photographing over 335 elementary school children. It was fun. The children were so adorable, the cutest kids. It was outdoors. It was hot. It was tiring in the heat after 3 hours each day. I spent a lot of time doing "antics" to get real smiles.

 It's been a joy to edit these images of little children and remember the ones whose smiles came easily. A proud moment came when the school employee told me, "this one won't smile", and my antics got me a few sweet smiles from this child. It is so personally rewarding to know that I can help deliver to his mom and sweet image of him smiling. I often thought, I wonder where life will lead this little boy, what will he become? One day could he be a brilliant scientist?

THEN, I met THIS girl. She is beautiful, sweet, and smart. She stayed still. She looked at me continuously. She is the midst of embarking on a new part of life - Senior year at Allen High School in Allen, Texas!

I've read there are three stages of living:

a) you live for your parents
b) you live for you
c) you live for your children

 Her life is just beginning.

 She is just starting the "you live for you" phase.

(But please don't ever forget to call your wonderful parents)

 You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - Aristotle.
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Making Carnival memories for my boys St. Jude's. Allen Texas - Allen, tx photographer

For my boys . . .

Ever since last year when we discovered a local carnival right around the corner from our home, I've been waiting with anticipation for it to come again so I could bring you and have so much fun with you at the carnival.

It is a much loved event of my youth,  an amazing family time, and a fundraiser for school districts in our area that need a bit of a boost.

Talley Amusements brought the Midway back for the St. Jude's Catholic Church Carnival fundraiser in Allen, Texas.  This time we asked a few friends to join us,  because the more there merrier is my motto.

I bought you unlimited ride wristbands a few weeks in advance.  I so hoped for great weather.  We lucked out with rain a day earlier,  and arrived at opening time to pick up our wristbands.  It was not crowded and you both ran in immediately to ride the swing 3 times in a row.

And wow did ya'll and your friends make amazing use of those wristbands!!  Being with friends helped you to be more brave and ride new, different, scary rides - some with G forces.  This is particularly true for you my little guy, having your best friend there really helped him to try some new things. Your best friend helps you to feel safe in a way that a best friend can.

Ya'll ran from ride to ride. in a flurry of boys.   Sometimes I couldn't keep up with where you had run off to.    This little boy pack rode 30 - 40 times on all different rides - the Haunted House, the Fun House, the swing, the Ferris Wheel, the Scorpion, Zero Gravity were favorites.  It was amazing to see you smile after stumbling off the Zero Gravity ride and the excitement and thrill you were sharing with your friends.

And yes that meant we happened to be there for quite a bit of time - possibly 6 hours with a dinner break for pizza.  Don't tell anyone!

Here's a link to last year's visit:

The Carnival Comes to town 2014

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