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ahh, summer nights of being outside, strolling and exploring in nature, catching fireflies, walking barefoot, ahh childhood

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Monday, July 7, 2014

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Splash at I Heart Faces - Summer Fun - Allen, tx photographer

Sun Surf Sand!

Nothin' better than splashin' in the waves

Lots of splashin' going on over at I Heart Faces Splash challenge!

Photo Challenge Submission

The Treehouse at the Lavender Field | allen texas photographer

I've always wanted a treehouse.   To sleep on a starry night under in a treehouse on a cool, crisp evening -  just aaahhhhh.

My littlest and I love watching Treehouse Masters  and he was begging me for a treehouse.  (little does he know these are $70,000 tree houses, easy right?)

The best I could do was find one nearby so I did a google search and found this magical, wonderful place:

So excited that we are going to stay one night next year.  I can't wait for my boys to see it!


In the meantime, this wonderful Savannah's Meadow has two lavendar fields that have recently bloomed and they were so gracious to give me permission to borrow their field for a shoot one night.

It was my first time smelling a lavender field and the most surprising thing is the constant buzz from the bees in the lavender!   I think the bees scared the little ones and here and there a bee shows up in my photos.  Even so, the kiddos got used to it and did a fabulous job!

Savannah lavendar

10 on 10 | June 2014 - Woodland Fairy - allen, tx photographers

10 photographers post their 10 favorite images on the 10th of the month

Be sure to click below my post to visit Maricruz Photography.


I had dreams of creating a woodland fairy with a sweet little girl standing in the forest in white wearing a crown and a glowing orb.   I drove past the perfect spot one day, so was in a mad rush to get this dream photographed. These dreams turned out beautiful.

We turned to the other side and the amazing setting sun just glowed through the forest.  So lovely.

(I think I'll shoot here again!)

10 on 10 June Woodland FairyFor our 10 on 10 project, please click through to see the wonderful work of Maricruz Photography

All Boy at I Heart Faces - mckinney, tx photographer

We took a trip to The Heard Museum in Mckinney, Texas to hike and see the dinosaurs that are on exhibit again.   If you have not been in a while or ever, they do this awesome dinosaur exhibit a couple of times per year.  There is also a small butterfly garden, deer, and a few animals to look at and learn about.   New to The Heard is a small Pioneer Village of houses for children to play in.   My older's son's class at school just studied all types of dinosaurs so he really enjoyed it and I think when they started roaring and squeaking it took him off guard a bit.

I should add this is not one of those photos where I enlarged the dinosaur and shrunk my child in photoshop.  This is real life sized dinosaurs and a real life sized child!

He ran up ahead with my husband and friends,  when I noticed him with his stick.

All Boys is the theme this month at I Heart Faces

Boys!  Sticks!  Dinosaurs!  I love me my boys!

Photo Challenge Submission
Yes, I did wake my boys at 6:00 am to catch a few moments of them playing in the surf at sunrise! It was a lovely sunrise with beautiful pinks reflecting on the surf, I really couldn't have asked for a better sunrise.

Go take a look at more fun at the beach shots at Rock The Shot

All Fall Down - allen, tx photographer

It was a perfectly overcast day when I finally met this family for a wildflower session.  I'm so glad this particular field finally bloomed as I'd been watching it for weeks and thought it might go the route of a few of the bluebonnet fields around here - which was a no go!

I was so honored to hear mom tell me she'd been following my facebook page for a year, and really wanted a wildflower session.   That's what I want  - so thank you for staying so dedicated!

Bubbles - always bring the bubbles!  That was the funnest part to watch her children have so much fun catching bubbles cast by dad (the bubble expert).

Have a great summer ya'll!

  Eliz Alex Ten on Ten poppy wild
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