blue dresses and yellow flowers - Allen Texas wildflower photographer

My most favorite sessions to photograph are little children exploring in nature,  usually in wildflower fields.   These two girls kept wandering about the field picking yellow flowers, so much so that I had to work hard to keep up with them and get them to face the girl with the big black box in front of her face!  :)  After a bit , they had some fun being sleeping beauties on my little red settee, the one I was thinking of selling earlier this year.  Hmm maybe I should keep it?

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Tiptoe through the Tulips in Texas - Allen Texas Photographer

The most beautiful and biggest Tulip field I've ever seen has come to Texas. It feels like you are in another country. The most beautiful and biggest brown eyes kept smiling at me, while he and his sister were frolicking through the tulips. web Eliz Alex 900x900

a little cottage, a few chickens and a patch of grape hyacinth - McKinney Texas photographer

7 chickens, 2 cats, 4 children, 1 sweet cottage, and too  many grape hyacinth to count, lovely evening.

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Landscape at Rock The Shot - allen tx photographer

On a whim and a last minute invite, we jumped in the car to check out these new tulips growing in Texas. Wow - is it amazing. 

We've had a lot of rain so the field was very much on the muddy side. Which is just perfect for my two boys - they had a blast trying to find the mud "gold mines" , and running about the field with friends. Nay did mommy get any type of portrait shot, yet I came home to this beauty and I love everything about it and this one image was so worth the long drive from Allen and a late school night.


 Landscape is this months theme at Rock The Shot.  Go see some more beauty!

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Tulips in Texas, allen texas photographer

tulips in texas . . . no words how much I love this image . .

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Boy Oh Boy! Two boys! - Allen Texas photographer

I finally got to meet and photograph a sweet set of boy twins in Allen, Texas. 

This one is one little tough buy to undergo heart surgery at just a day old.

Isn't he gorgeous?

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24 Hour Old, yep so adore this new little one - Allen tx photographer

We met at a barn in Parker, Texas a couple of months back.  Then I spent a bit of time meeting this sweet 24 HOUR old this week. . . life is such a miracle and so sweet . . so happy to know this little family.

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