GO Pro Underwater Fun - The Woodlands Texas child photographer

Summer is in Full swing here as we enjoy swim team in the morning, and spending time at the neighborhood sand playground before it gets too hot.  I so love the lovely June morning we've been having.   We make our move on down to The Woodlands, Texas next month.

We are making sure to spend lots of time the month of June with wonderful friends, those we've gone to school with,  and those we've grown up with and known many years.  I plan to continue documenting all our adventures so friends be ready for me and my camera to be coming along.  This is my first run with the Go Pro Hero 4 this summer along with the newly acquired "dome"!  My go pro hasn't been out since our ski trip.

The only way to to do Texas in the summer with your friend since Kindy:

And this is THE best rock climbing spot in Texas in the summer!

Must not forget my other little guy!

Fireflies Light the Night - Woodlands Family Photographer


  With such a warm winter in Allen, Texas,  we've had an very early season for many spring flowers and plants.  Our early bluebonnet bloom was almost in line with the timing for The Woodlands, Texas and the Hill Country.  THAT is rare.   The bluebonnets are now long gone, and I'm so glad my allergies are long gone too!

On to the fireflies!  Memories of my youth in the summer is running around my Oakland, New Jersey neighborhood catching fireflies with friends and trying to put them in a jar to watch them glow.   I loved staying out late on summer nights playing flashlight tag, hide and seek, and all kinds of games we made up.

 The first sign of fireflies out in the woods behind our home  brings me back in time, and I love for my children to see them.    Something new this year was to try to capture them on camera, so I set out with my friend Paula twice to do a test shoot to see if we could capture them.  I wonder if we'll see fireflies in The Woodlands as I don't remember them when we used to live there - anyone know?

We spent just over an hour last night doing long exposure photography to capture them with our cameras. So here they are in the first image, it is a combination of several images taken in that hour. I am proud to say there is no cloning involved!

web Eliz Alex Photography-4208 Fireflies

Just an image I captured a couple of years ago that reminds me of playing outside after the sun went down trying to catch some fireflies!

This beautiful soon-to-be 3rd time mom, and I met in the past few years through a local Lens Baby Photography mama group.  As she and her children are younger than me and mine, she joined toward the timeframe when mine had begun school and I was not as active with the group.

She is the only person I've ever met that has similar life experiences as me. Here are some interesting facts about our lives we have in common:

 *We both grew up in Bergen County, NJ.   She lived about 20 minutes from from me, in a nice town that had great outdoor shopping, dining and restaurants.
 *We both worked in the Toy industry for many years.
 *We both now live in Allen, Texas
 *In fact, we both live in the same neighborhood, in fact she is moving just around the corner!!
 *We are both photographers - she is an amazing composite photographer!

 I'm not sure why our paths never crossed earlier, yet we finally did, and now it's my turn to be leaving the area.  I wonder if she'll follow me?   :)  (wink, wink)

Thank you so much for coming by with your sweet kiddos to be part of this photography shoot out at the new Studio House in Mckinney, Texas.  I will so miss all my photo ladies.

  web Eliz Alex Photography Tomball tx

A vibrant wildflower field - Tomball texas family photographer

It seems I could determine who the joker of the family is, and am wondering if I should post the photo when I asked the two littles to go stand next to their big sister and touch her shoulder? It is really so cute and funny from this particular little one!

Thanks ya'll for coming to see me before we head out to Tomball, Texas.   And for all the spontaneous meetings with me in various nature settings and conditions from winter snow to spring wildflowers.

Just another delightful evening outside in nature, breathing in the fresh air, while I get to do what I love!

The field should be perfecto into next week if anyone wants and quick mini session with me!

     web Eliz Alex Phtography Wildflowers Woodlands texas

When we first met - Tomball,Tx photographer

We first met when she was just a newborn, and I've seen her every year since. 
Just another family for whom I will miss seeing each year and noticing like a far away aunt, how big they've gotten, how long her hair is,  and how tall he has grown. 

I'm not sure if clients realize the impact their families can make up on a photographer.
We fall in love with your families over and over again when taking your photographs, when culling your photographs, when editing your photographs.  We smile at the moment we your little girl giggled or how the kids collapsed together in a field of bluebonnets and laughter.

Yet maybe, I will see them in H-town one day!!

Wildflower Sessions 2017 - The Woodlands, Tx Photographer

Our days here are in Allen, Texas are coming to an end. Soon we will head out for our new lives down in The Woodlands, Texas.

 Wildflowers are about and wow, what an amazing bluebonnet year we ended up having. Each year there are worried there won't be many fields and they may not grow very full, but I think this year was a fabulous year for bluebonnets. We did a few quick 15 minute bluebonnet sessions for some of my favorite clients! It was so fast and so fun and just the right amount of time for the littles.

 This adorable little gal was 18 months old when I first met her in a red poppy filled field and she cried at the session for a few minutes. Nearly broke my heart, she did. Time passes, and at her extended family season mommy reveals she was expecting baby number two, a little boy. Here she is with her sweet brother in the bluebonnets. Aren't they cute??? She sure has grown up and I will missing seeing them in the wildflowers of North Texas.

  web Eliz Alex Woodlands Texas Bluebonnets 2017

Bluebonnets on Bethany - Woodlands family photographer

M I N E.  T o g e t h e r, in one image. 
T H I S.  A beautiful bluebonnet spot near our home

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