Tunnels of Tulsa - Allen, Texas

We trekked up to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Allen, Texas this past weekend to do some urban exploration.   On the way up we saw thousands upon thousands of birds all flying in a migration south.  It seemed like we were viewing the "East Australian current" popular in Finding Nemo but for birds!!

Did you know there are secret underground tunnels in downtown Tulsa? These tunnels were built in the 1920s by wealthy businessmen at first easily move goods between two buildings.  In that time period there were a few  kidnappings in Chicago so the tunnels were used for the wealthy men to move easily about the city without risk of danger.    These tunnels connect eight buildings, parking garages, hotel and small downtown Tulsa shops.   We only walked a short portion of the tunnels and plan to do a tunnel tour one day soon.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Falling Leaf Happiness - Allen Texas, photographer

Ah, a busy fall and a lovely bit of late Dec and January relaxing time, I am getting many things off my at-home-to-do list,  like donating an old pack-n-play, cleaning out the garage, etc., etc. Still a few things on my list in Allen Texas, but feels great to have tackled and accomplished a few.

Thinking back to fall, I thought I'd share this falling leaf photo from one of my sessions last year.  This family was a last minute add-into my schedule and it just happened to be a wonderful warm December day.   

The lighting, the leaves, the colors, the children, the smiles - it all couldn't have come together more perfectly!

Holiday Travel to Punta Cana, zip lining, and beach fun - Allen Texas Photographer

Our first family fly-away beach trip from Allen, Texas to another country - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.   After a hectic fall,  we could not have asked for more relaxing family bonding time, lots of warm sunshine,  boogie boarding, beach fun and adventure.

A big thank you to Alexa, our travel agent,  for helping us plan this trip in a very busy time - the week after Christmas.  Who knew I should have been making these reservations many months in advance.  It was wonderful to have Alexa to give her an idea of what we were looking for and she found a fantastic location for us!  Go check out her Facebook page below:

Travel with Alexa

We got to see a bit of the country and convinced my scared of heights husband to try zip lining  with me and the boys.  This time I brought my DSLR and the zippers let me hang it around my neck so I could shoot and capture my family in action.   So fun!

  Punta Cana BLog

Tree light Sessions 2016 - Allen Texas photogtrapher

Something I've wanted to try and decided  - let's shoot it tonight.  Time for me to photograph my own family!

Those magical sweet moments of childhood are a part of having young children that I never want to miss.   Our tree is set up, the ornaments are missing and presents are missing.  Our Elf made his annual Thanksgiving weekend appearance.  Now remind me to move him okay?

My littlest reading The Magic of Christmas - a wonderful collection of children's Christmas stories and part of our holiday tradition.

We've been reading this book to them before they started reading . . . time is passing too quickly.

Urban Holiday Downtown Session - Mckinney, Texas Photographer

It thrills me to have return clients, these wonderful clients who found me via a google search. We first met last year in a field near Allen, Texas.   As we were getting settled a man on a bike rides up and proceeds to warn us about "all the poisonous snakes". I about died, wondering if my new clients thought I'd be putting them and their children at risk. Yes we were at a nature preserve, so it was possible but I had not seen any.  Just in case - I did a lot of extra stomping.

 One of my favorite images of her and her sweet daughter just melting into mama for a kiss.  Just love when my littles fit so comfy alongside me.

Fast forward to this year and here we are in downtown Mckinney. I had not heard a peep from them in the past year and upon meeting this time the Mr. told me how much he loved my artistry and their images.  We had a wonderful time wandering around downtown checking out the alleys, the art, the and the scenes.

He doesn't know this but he made my day!  

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The Treelight Sessions 2015 - Allen Texas child photographer

Your tree, your children, your home, your life.

Remember those magical moments of the holiday in your own home with your children while our children are still little.


Limited Availability Dates 11/15 - 12/15
Fall 2015 Clients priority booking

Trick or Treating on Halloween in Allen Texas

Certainly I can remember dressing up many Halloween in New Jersey trick or treating with the 40 or so neighborhood children. Many years we wore homemade costumes like an old jacket of my dad's so I could be a hobo, or a clown costume my mom made for at least 3 - 4 years. We carried old pillow cases to carry home our goodies in, then dumped them on the family room floor to sort through and eat our favorite first.

 This, of course, occurred after Goosey Night. Goosey Night? Yes, the night before Halloween is known as Goosey Night and the neighborhood kids stay out after dark and cause a bit of a ruckus by writing on soap on parked car windows, tossing toilet paper over telephone lines, spraying shaving cream on cars.

 I thought everyone know about Goosey Night, but in Allen, Texas no on seems to know! I suppose that is a good thing as now I am a parent, a car owner, and a home owner so I probably wouldn't like Goosey Night very much.

 These days mine seem to want to be a new costume every year. So I thought were were going to be two Stormtroppers, to be it was not. A last minute switch and now I had a black phantom and a skeleton. Here was our group costume: Two skeletons, one ninja, two Five Nights at Freddies' characters. two black phantoms, Princess Leia

 We played a fun "Guess which Scary Movie Villan you are" game. I don't think I have one single photos of myself or my brothers dressed in costume for Halloween. Now isn't that sad?

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