It's finally Fall in Texas - Allen Texas Photographer

It's finally FALL in Texas.  The day we shot this session it was 90 - sadly not so much like fall.   But last week, ohhhhh last week, was so glorious.

Don't you remember - if you you had two or more children  - the first time your children spoke and communicated to each other.  It was so amazing to my husband and I to think about these little beings we created and so loved were talking together!   I'm sure ya'll felt the same.  We met again with these super cute siblings for a fun little dirt road session near Allen, Texas.  They were so wonderful, and had fun tickling each other.

I just love to see a brother and sister enjoy their childhood together!

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Finding a new spot - allen texas photographer

There are little spot we drive by many times, and if you look at them closely you can see their potential. We pass this spot many times and often I thought, "I should go by there at sunset".   Under my NOTES on my iPhone, I have a Location note page and as I see spots I want to remember I write it down so I remember to go back and visit that spot again.

The heat broke in Allen, Texas, finally, finally . . . and since we haven't ventured out much to torture my children by taking their photos, they happily agreed. So here they are creating their own handshake and it's my new favorite fall photo of them till the leaves start to fall here and we venture out again.

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Light up the Night - This girl! - Allen, Texas Photographer

I met this  Lovejoy high school beauty in Allen Texas last week.  She reviewed my online portfolio and requested a night shot in her senior photos collection - it required me to think about good night spot then I remembered the carnival coming to town!  Yippee!   She and her family met me there while I was out carnivaling with my own family.  It was a first for me to try but, "Oh that Light Bokeh!"  We met again for an downtown session and she is so easy to photograph!  Just a lovely girl!

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Night at the Carnival - Allen Texas Photographer

This beautiful young lady met me out at the carnival for some fun senior night shots. She saw a night shot in my portfolio from a while back and specifically requested a night shoot, and knowing we had a carnival right here in Allen, Texas, I asked if they'd meet me. So happy for their fun spirit.   It's something I've wanted to do since every year we've attended the carnival.  I do hope my light trigger works better next time I can get a few of my own children set against all the bright carnival lights.

Isn't she just gorgeous!! We will meet again soon for the day shots.

Just a little peek into my Fall Family sessions. Currently, I am waiting on my boy's soccer schedule for their Allen, Texas games, then will be publishing info about Fall Family sessions! Take a peek and stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Policemen, Fireman and Active Military - Thank you!

Go Pro made it down to Mexico - The Woodlands, TX Photographer

A longish weekend  down in Mexico with my family to kick off the summer was wonderful.  We relaxed, swam, read, slept, ate, kayaked, hobie catted, snorkeled, ordered "dirty monkeys' from the pool bar,  and along came my new go pro hero silver.

We did have a hiccup or two as my oldest son came down with a fever and cough for four days. Thankfully I had plenty of advil and rest time for him.  It seems I forgot to check the kids travel kit for a thermometer.   Off to the giftshop we go to buy one  - an old style one  - yep with the mercury.  Then my son who is used to plastic ended thermometer proceeds to "lightly" gnaw down on it and break the thermometer - in his mouth!   This caused a few stressful moments, or hour.  

We weren't able to get into our room until 4:00 pm after a 9:30 am 2 hour flight to Mexico.  Next time pack swimsuits in the carryon and just go swim while you wait for your room to be ready.  Oh and bring an American thermometer!

All in all, we had lovely family time.  The best part for me as a scuba diver,  was to take my family snorkeling and let them experience the coral reef, and beautiful tropical fishes.

See a bit of our VACA here,  all filmed and shot with the Go Pro:

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