Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Wildflower Sessions Wrap Up - allen texas photographer

The Wildflower Sessions 2015 are just about wrapping up, so what better a time to share some of my favorite images over this spring season.   It's been a wet one for sure, and we've had lots of new fields pop up.   Just so ya'll know, we not only have bluebonnets in Texas - we have grape hyacinth, bluebonnets, yellow wildflowers, red poppies, queen anne's lace and more.  In fact, I've yet to identifying my yellow wildflower field.  Each year is a treat and we never know what will grow!

Thanks to all of you who enjoyed a bit of getting outdoors in nature, breathing fresh air,  to have fun, and explore this beautiful earth and all the beauty it brings us.

Have a wonderful summer!


Shhh rain rain go away . . . red poppy field - Allen Texas photographer

a field of dreams for me  . . .

in flower heaven I might be

as wildflower spotter was so kind to tell me about this spot and they asked that I keep it quiet, so I am just keeping my word. 

  eliz alex red poppy

Oh lots of Daisy flowers little one! - allen, texas photographer

It was so wonderful so see her pretty smiles on this day. As the last time I saw her and her family on a cool sunrise morning at the tulip field, she wasn't not the happiest little camper in the flowers.

This time, it was warmer and it was just her and - oh my - L.O.V.E.

 She even got to test our her brother's new-to-him Radio Flyer trike in a field of Daisies.

Eliz Alex Daisy

Becoming a princess fairy - allen texas photographer

This little one calls my youngest, "my man".  I'm not sure if that started when they met in preschool or from when we met her at the carnival last summer.  HERE she is so cute poking her head over the ferris wheel cart to eye her man.  :)

Her sweet mom is my stylist - set me up with hair cuts and curls at Nora's Hair Studio - she saw my new business cards and I could tell she was enamored with a princess fairy photo of a little girls so we did a little business trade.

Fast forward few months later she is a sweet princess discovering butterflies in the pretty evening light of the woods.

web eliz alex blog s fairy

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Rain or Water - I Heart Faces contest - mckinney texas photographer

One of my most favorite Underwater photos of my little guy as he swam away from me.

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Spring at Rock The Shot Forum

Lovely green all about, a touch of tall yellow flowers and a pretty girl spinning all around.

Spring this this month's theme over at Rock The Shot

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a little sweet redhead

Gosh, what a sweet little two year old I got to meet. She was so happy and energetic. It was so fun to see her giggle as we fed her bunny and my Piggie Fluffy a few flowers.  (nom, nom, nom)

If you've not yet met my new friend Fluffy, if you have a session with me you just might get to meet her.

  web eliz alex avalynn
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