A lovely little lady came to visit me in Allen Texas at my secret garden.  She went in and out of the garden, swung on the garden gate, took a little spill but protected and took such good care of her sweet soft bunny.

  Eliz Alex SG LB

Take 2! - Mckinney Texas Photographer

We met in a pretty field near Allen, Texas.  It was a gorgeous sunlit field of little white and tall yellow flowers. And when I arrived, it was mowed.  . . gone. nothing.  . .  just green grass.  I had borrowed my neighbor's fabulous lens,  the 70 - 200L  (thank you Paula!).     It was a comparison really for me as I photographed this girl in that field last year with my 200L lens, and I wanted to see how my 200L images compared to shooting with the 70 - 200L.  In my heart I knew I would not get the images I'd had already set in my mind, but I shot anyway.     This sweet girl loved exploring my bags of goodies to see what else she could play with while I photographed her.

Two night later I saw another similar field and asked if they'd meet me a second time,   and YES they said YES!.  These are those images - a beautiful sunlit field of tall yellow grasses shot with my 135 and my 200.    No borrowed lens though - still trying to decide on that investment.

  web2 Eliz Alex Take 2

Secret Garden, long lost love - Allen Texas photographer

My English "grandmother" brought me many gifts, and one I remember well is the book - The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It might be time I should read it once again. So surprisingly this beautiful Indian Hawthorne shrub plant in my yard, here in Allen, Texas, bloomed so many beautiful pink flowers this spring. Many pink flowers . . . in my yerd. . . in my side yard right here in Allen, Texas! vv We arrived home late on evening and I thought wow that looks like a secret garden entrance, snapped a quick iPhone pic and posted it to social media. Many people commented on it's natural beauty. So ding, ding, ding let's do some shoots here. I must say how lovely it is to step outside your door and start shooting!!

  web Eliz Alex R Secret Garden

Little Bunny Foo Foo - Allen Texas Photographer

Little one, her mom and I visited this field about 1 year ago, but it looked much different.   Sadly the field had been mowed on the way toooooo early side for me!

 Luckily we found a little patch of flowers to play in with Little Bunny Foo Foo a few days before Easter.

Yes, fresh Puppies in Bluebonnets - JCP - Allen texas photographer

Our first time in a sweet smelling bluebonnet field this year in Plano, Texas, and oh-i-die to spend it with these adorable sweet sisters.    You may recall my fundraising efforts in the fall of 2012 to help restore the bluebonnets at the JCPenney field.   Well, I am so happy to see that two years later the bluebonnets are looking pretty good.  You can read more about that fundraiser from two years ago below:

Bring Back the Bluebonnets!

Now a bit of sad news -  these sweet sisters were abandoned in the streets south of Dallas,  yes abandoned these innocent little pups.  . . . So a rescue family has taken them in temporarily and it may be that one is adopted and the other still looking for her forever home.   In the meantime she may be accepted into ELMAR in McKinney.    Every Life Matters Animal Rescue

My wonderful petsitter Erin does an amazing job helping to rescue, foster, and care for animals.  We have Erin take care of our pets whoever we are out of town, and it's so wonderful to know your pet is in safe and caring hands.  Petsitters Plus One

Just look at the adorableness!!

Might you want to adopt one?  Just email me!


a painted spring - Allen Texas Photography

Trying out some painterly effects on my digital photography . . . what say you?

Joyful wildflowers - Allen Texas Photographer

A little bit shy, a little bit aprehensive, a little bit wary of me and my camera.  It's okay girlie we're going to have fun and play.

Oh did bringing flowers to momma in Allen, Texas, and my bubbles bring her lots of joy and smiles.  She was having so much fun she forgot all about Camera girl and her black box.

She is one darling gal,   and I will miss seeing her little boy cousins and hope they enjoy their new home.

  web Eliz Alex YB Kelly
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