Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Policemen, Fireman and Active Military - Thank you!

Go Pro made it down to Mexico - The Woodlands, TX Photographer

A longish weekend  down in Mexico with my family to kick off the summer was wonderful.  We relaxed, swam, read, slept, ate, kayaked, hobie catted, snorkeled, ordered "dirty monkeys' from the pool bar,  and along came my new go pro hero silver.

We did have a hiccup or two as my oldest son came down with a fever and cough for four days. Thankfully I had plenty of advil and rest time for him.  It seems I forgot to check the kids travel kit for a thermometer.   Off to the giftshop we go to buy one  - an old style one  - yep with the mercury.  Then my son who is used to plastic ended thermometer proceeds to "lightly" gnaw down on it and break the thermometer - in his mouth!   This caused a few stressful moments, or hour.  

We weren't able to get into our room until 4:00 pm after a 9:30 am 2 hour flight to Mexico.  Next time pack swimsuits in the carryon and just go swim while you wait for your room to be ready.  Oh and bring an American thermometer!

All in all, we had lovely family time.  The best part for me as a scuba diver,  was to take my family snorkeling and let them experience the coral reef, and beautiful tropical fishes.

See a bit of our VACA here,  all filmed and shot with the Go Pro:


Rocking the Fourth - Allen Texas Photography

Rockin' out for the FOURTH! Found these cool flag glasses at Target in Allen, Texas months ago, so saved them for a special shoot and they so matched this fun flower field I've been shooting in for year. Time to wear them again this week! web 4th Flowers Storyboard

A peek inside . . . one of my wildflower sessions . . - Allen Texas Photographer

Just a peek inside one of my wildflower sessions so you can see the sweet children having some fun, some smiles, and some sillies while we are together. This is just a quick snippet of the session, as I usually have along "bag of tricks" like my piggie, (also known as Walter), my "tickle' owl, some bubbles and maybe a special treat or two. My bag of tricks didn't make an appearance in this session! Guess this comes from working for a toy company for many years, our old logo tagline was, "Where FUN Lives!"


Kayaking adventures - Allen Texas Photographer

It's your 10th birthday. We go there so fast. It's your first time kayaking your own boat. Your daddy and I met kayaking. Before we moved from the Woodlands we took you and your brother in a double kayak on the lake. Of course, I took photos to remember the adventure yet my camera slipped into the water never to be seen. I've been waiting 1 year to take you kayaking at LLEWA - last year there was so so so much rain all water events were cancelled. It is for you and your brother and our family for which all this photography business begin, so it should be that I will share some images of our adventures once in a while. web Eliz Alex Bday kayak

Thank you for these sweet Clients - allen texas photographer

I'm so honored for these clients to have me, an Allen, Texas photographer, photograph their maternity session 1 year ago , then their sweet baby's newborn session, fall family photos and soon her official 1st birthday photos. It really is a treasure to have them come back to me, especially when there are so many photography choices out there in the world today. As a THANK YOU to them I gifted our latest session just to capture their not-quite-yet 1 year old in the same flower field where we photographed their maternity session over a year ago. These are the things I don't announce but do like to offer clients who come back to me and recommend me, it is one of the perks of being loyal. It's my way of Thanking them for being them. THANK YOU - you know who you are! Eliz Alex F Four  8 x 10

In the Secret Garden with her bunny - allen texas photographer

A lovely little lady came to visit me in Allen Texas at my secret garden.  She went in and out of the garden, swung on the garden gate, took a little spill but protected and took such good care of her sweet soft bunny.

  Eliz Alex SG LB

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