Landscape at Rock The Shot - allen tx photographer

On a whim and a last minute invite, we jumped in the car to check out these new tulips growing in Texas. Wow - is it amazing. 

We've had a lot of rain so the field was very much on the muddy side. Which is just perfect for my two boys - they had a blast trying to find the mud "gold mines" , and running about the field with friends. Nay did mommy get any type of portrait shot, yet I came home to this beauty and I love everything about it and this one image was so worth the long drive from Allen and a late school night.


 Landscape is this months theme at Rock The Shot.  Go see some more beauty!

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Tulips in Texas, allen texas photographer

tulips in texas . . . no words how much I love this image . .

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Boy Oh Boy! Two boys! - Allen Texas photographer

I finally got to meet and photograph a sweet set of boy twins in Allen, Texas. 

This one is one little tough buy to undergo heart surgery at just a day old.

Isn't he gorgeous?

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24 Hour Old, yep so adore this new little one - Allen tx photographer

We met at a barn in Parker, Texas a couple of months back.  Then I spent a bit of time meeting this sweet 24 HOUR old this week. . . life is such a miracle and so sweet . . so happy to know this little family.

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2015 The Wildflower Sessions by Eliz Alex Photography Allen Texas photographer

Friday, February 27, 2015

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Snow - Allen Texas Photographer

Photographer's playdate - allen texas photographer

Just a few wonderful images captured on a Photographer's Playdate I set up near Allen, Texas. It is so wonderful to lay on the grass and get dirty along with other women who get me and who I get.   The sunset was AHH-MAZING on this evening and I so loved seeing these children play and capture these fun moments.

 I love my Photographer's playdates - I plan to set up more!

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