ME? WINNER AT Child Photo Competition!!!!

I'm incredibly honored and incredulous to have my image of my little guy be chosen as the WINNER for Child Photo Competition's contest - Waiting for Santa.  I'm going to find out who the judges are so I can thank them personally.

At the age of 18,  I remember picking up a book about photography and looking at all the confusing numbers (aperture, ISO, etc), and thinking I'll just put that book back down for later.   Through the years,  I keep going with my disc camera (yes, you read that right!), and various point and shoots.  I always had a camera, like many of you.

When the little guy in this image was 18 months old,  I bought my very first DSLR.  It was a couple of months before I took the leap to shoot in manual.   As my photography learning progressed,   I began submitting images to various online competitions.   It seemed I never won, but kept at it, and as years past here and there I placed, and won a couple of canvasses.

The lesson here is whatever you are doing, you are learning - Keep It Up!

T.H.I.S though.   Child Photo Competition.   The submitted images, finalists and winners are always the most gorgeous images taken in beautiful far away locations.   I gaze upon these images and think of their beauty, dream of travel, visiting that little cobble stone street in Spain,  or that old telephone booth in the UK.

 Photographers from all across the world submit images to Child Photo Competition.   One the 20 finales for this competition, we have 4 photographers from the USA, along with the UK, Canada, Poland, The Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Russia, and Poland.

Amazed and speechless, am I.

Happy New Year to you!

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