Down at The Fabrication Yard - Woodlands Texas and Allen Texas Photographer

Come on, and brighten up the winter blues with a big pop of color down at the Fabrication Yard in Dallas Texas.  It's just 30 minutes or so from Allen, Texas.  It's a spot where any artists can come with their spray paint cans and create their art as they see it, wherever they see it.

 I've wanted to visit for a while and my friend Courtney of Bliss Photography invited me along to a fun photographer's playdate. We had beautiful weather, amazing girls, and a colorful industrial location to shoot at.   The Fabrication Yard  is in an rather industrial and quiet area of town, and seeing other photographers there made us more comfortable.  I even saw the teacher whose college class I took on Lightroom 101 workshop back in 2010!

Isn't this girl just great?  What a beauty.   I'd just ask her to do a pose and she was spot on!
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