These three smart sisters - Woodlands, Texas photographer

It's been a lovely year getting to know this little gal, especially for me - a boy mom - to have a girl to chat with and for my boys to have a girl to chat with.   We do have girl cousins, and nieces but since they are way up in the East Coast we don't seem them very often.  One day my boys will be a lot more interested in chatting with and understanding girls.   We were all so excited to chat last year about our and her family's favorite fall activity - the little Allen, Texas carnival. I sure hope there is a carnival like this in The Woodlands, Texas so I can keep up this amazing, fun tradition with my boys.

I digress, here is the lovely lady and her sweet, smart sisters on a beautiful spring evening. Each girl has their own love and interests and were we able to have those interests become part of our photography time together.

oh and did a I mention the sweet sounds and melodies coming from the sunlit violin . . . it was a little concert out in the light!

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