This beautiful soon-to-be 3rd time mom, and I met in the past few years through a local Lens Baby Photography mama group.  As she and her children are younger than me and mine, she joined toward the timeframe when mine had begun school and I was not as active with the group.

She is the only person I've ever met that has similar life experiences as me. Here are some interesting facts about our lives we have in common:

 *We both grew up in Bergen County, NJ.   She lived about 20 minutes from from me, in a nice town that had great outdoor shopping, dining and restaurants.
 *We both worked in the Toy industry for many years.
 *We both now live in Allen, Texas
 *In fact, we both live in the same neighborhood, in fact she is moving just around the corner!!
 *We are both photographers - she is an amazing composite photographer!

 I'm not sure why our paths never crossed earlier, yet we finally did, and now it's my turn to be leaving the area.  I wonder if she'll follow me?   :)  (wink, wink)

Thank you so much for coming by with your sweet kiddos to be part of this photography shoot out at the new Studio House in Mckinney, Texas.  I will so miss all my photo ladies.

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