It’s the tenth of the month, so sharing ten images on the tenth – 10 on 10!

Mine, all mine. I had been feeling somewhat guilty cause I had not had a chance to take my own boys out for an evening to play in the leaves.   With school, homework, sports activities, my own fall photoshoots, we just had not had a chance. Until this last warm day before Thanksgiving break,  we made it happen.   I loved that I am able to just capture my boys doing their own thing, and having fun, and I get to watch and document it.

The leaves at this park were so yellow and just amazing this fall.  A day or so after this a windy cold front came in and took them all away, and another few more days I could this dog having a play in the same park on a foggy morning.  Looks so different doesn’t it?

Ten on Ten eliz alex dec
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