Ten on Ten OR 10 on 10 – a new photography project where I post 10 photos on the 10th day of the month. (I am pretty sure I can keep up with this project) (shrug – I kinda gave up on my 365) The big farm raised sunflowers have now dried up and dwindled, but I cam across this tall meadow grass and small wild flowers and thought it’d be the perfect spot to shoot in. Deanna and I met when we volunteered to be room mom’s for our oldest’s four year preschool class. She has never had a family photo session done so we had to get out and shoot this the other night. We’ve had fabulous summer weather here in Texas and it was not soo bad outside at sunset. Right as the sun was setting, we ran over to another spot to capture those last moments of sun I just love capturing family moments! Enjoy. .

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And now on to Mundane Miracles by Niki Keith for her 10 on 10 project:  Nikki Keith