It’s the 10th of the month and we’re back on track.   10 photographers share 10 of their favorite images on the 10th of the month, so here we go!

My friend Tara,  creator and owner of Lulu Grace Designs met me one evening at 7:40 pm so I could test the light in this private white wildflower field.   I wanted to see where the sun would fall and if this location would work.  It did!  We only shot for about 15 minutes and it turns out I love and am amazed at the images caught in those few moments with a fast setting sun.

  Eliz Alex Tara white flower

Just a few nights later, I was able to organize a shoot meet up with my photographer friends at this same field and trucked out my little dream bed  (It has been resting in my garage for two years).  We have six or so photographers all with our own children to play and jump on the bed.      I was scheduled to photograph this family in their home later in the week, probably on their bed indoors.  Then their “first outing” photo popped up in my news feed, and I thought why not ask if they want to come pose on MY bed, OUTDOORS, In a FIELD!    I’m so glad they said YES!!

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  Eliz Alex Bed Field Family 3 8x10

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