Friday, March 19, 2010

Posted by Elizabeth Alexander

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Constructive Feedback at I Heart Faces

UPDATE: Here is Susan Keller's version of my photo. She passed on some great tips on editing.


My first Constructive Feedback photo submission to I Heart Faces. I love the smile of my little guy's face, it's the best pic I've taken of him with my new DSLR last fall. (on auto mode)
I'm not crazy about the "flash" in his eyes, or his washed out hair.
ISO 400
150 mm
I use PSE for editing.

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  1. ccf4
    All boy! Dirt on the face, bird bath splashed all over his shirt, drool, and happy 'bout it all ... yup, all boy - and you captured it!! I like the composition. You probably would have been better off shooting this picture without a flash - looks like you had plenty of natural light. There's a slight color cast (probably because you were in the shade and near a green plant), so I used a Curves layer to decrease cyan and increase yellows to get a better skin tone. I burned (darkened) his hair and dodged (lightened) his eyes. I added an oh-so-slight cross-processed feel using Pioneer Woman's free action Seventies (I'm pretty sure she has a PSE version of this now) and used her Boost to add contrast.
    My "after" pic is posted here:


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