Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Posted by Elizabeth Alexander


Happiness at I Heart Faces

Sadness is realizing this year I'll not able to get a sweet photo of my two boys together smiling up at me sitting in the bluebonnets. They are crazy for searching for ladybugs in the bluebonnets, and won't sit or even look at me.  So I just follow them around looking for ladybugs.

HAPPINESS is finding even though I didn't get the shot I wanted, I did take this wonderful photograph of my older son and a new friend looking for ladybugs.

Thanks I Heart Faces for being so inspiring.

Photo Challenge Submission



  1. This is really beautiful. What a perfect field!

  2. What an amazing landscape. Really beautiful shot!

  3. This is just lovely. Fabulous time of day to shoot and great lighting.

  4. I love the lighting in this photo! Well done!

  5. Beautiful photo, love the light and the context of the landscape

  6. Wow! Beautiful scenery and sunset! This photo has such a calming feel... an inner calm happiness. Very sweet.


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