Monday, January 4, 2016

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Holiday Travel to Punta Cana, zip lining, and beach fun - Allen Texas Photographer

Our first family fly-away beach trip from Allen, Texas to another country - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.   After a hectic fall,  we could not have asked for more relaxing family bonding time, lots of warm sunshine,  boogie boarding, beach fun and adventure.

A big thank you to Alexa, our travel agent,  for helping us plan this trip in a very busy time - the week after Christmas.  Who knew I should have been making these reservations many months in advance.  It was wonderful to have Alexa to give her an idea of what we were looking for and she found a fantastic location for us!  Go check out her Facebook page below:

Travel with Alexa

We got to see a bit of the country and convinced my scared of heights husband to try zip lining  with me and the boys.  This time I brought my DSLR and the zippers let me hang it around my neck so I could shoot and capture my family in action.   So fun!

  Punta Cana BLog

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