Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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My love for meadows goes on for many years - The Woodlands, Texas photographer

An oldie but a goodie from 2011 on my first DSLR Canon Rebel with the nifty fifty (long time gear ago!).

 I've always loved the softness and beautiful colors shooting in meadows, and this huge nature preserve was right next to our home, meaning right across the street. On the sunrise morning we shot this, there was a coyote bounding through the grass after a rabbit. I had to shoot and keep and eye out for that coyote! The littlest boy here became my son's best friend, and they still have me photograph their family after all these years.

meadow woodlands photography

meadow woodlands photography

Fast forward to 2018 and here we are again in another glorious meadow with this same family that has our hearts!   Sadly these children do grow!  No more lap sitting for these smart boys, but still lots of love and connection with mom and dad.

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