A stunning Sunflower farm near Dallas, Texas

What a dream to capture see in person this beautiful sunflower farm just south of Dallas, Texas!!  One day if you can visit a field such as this one, please do – it is a treasure just to see with your own eyes.

I’ve been shooting my own children in various sunflower fields off and on since 2010 in the Allen, Celina, Ennis, and Dallas Texas areas.   Once when my boys were 2 and 4 years old, I drove two hours north one way just to find a field. Good things they napped in the car back then.  Do you know what we found when we got there?  Brown – a dead brown sunflower field!  It was so sad.    In 2013 there was a wonderful  2013 Allen Sunflower field about 5 minutes from our home in Allen, so of course I was there doing just a couple friends photography portraits in the sunflowers.   Now that they are middle school aged, they are less than enthusiastic to trek about with me to be my subjects.

This year I kept seeing the beauty of a sunflower field closer to Houston, Texas, and I just knew I wanted to take a wonderful landscape images.  THIS is the year!


macro of a sunflower