This little girl running across the bridge was at my “studio” in Allen,  Texas when she was only a few days old.   She’s now going on three and I’ve seen her at least once a year since then.   It warms my heart to keep seeing her and her newish baby brother.  

My clients may not realize this, but as a photographer I get attached to my clients,  I thoroughly enjoy seeing you each year –  joking and interacting with your kiddos to get good photos –  enjoy looking at all I captured of your family even the funny face your dog made.  Do you want to see that one?   I truly hope you get the same joy out of viewing your final images.

Ya’ll just don’t know how much your mean to me.  I wish the best for every one of you.

For the little ones,  I found and am introducing a new puppet friend for 2015 –  hopefully he will be just as entertaining as Tickle Owl.

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