Who could beat classic beach fun in building a drippy sand castle?  We were in Mustang Island, TX earlier this month and my boys had a blast running in the surf, making sand castles digging sand, jumping the waves, picking up seashells, watching the kites.  It was hard to choose one picture, but a lot of my photos had the back of my boys heads. Since we had to show a face, I choose this one!  Hope you enjoy!    www.iheartfaces.com


The beach is the best fun isn't it! Love the castle

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love sand castle building. Such a great shot that incorporates something so beachy into it! LOVE!

That is so crazy we were there at the same time! We were on Mustang Royale, too! I tried to teach my daughter about drip castles, but she didn't have the patience to learn. 🙂 Love the rich color in your shot!

Great sand castle! Love the color of the water too.

Looks like quite the sand castle he has there! I Love it!

I love watching my kiddos build castles in the sand! Great shot!

Love the castle! Great shot!

Wow! What a castle! Great color!