Would you love to see the JCPenney field restored to it’s beauty of years past?
If so, please read on to see how you can help make this happen.

You may remember how beautiful this field once was.  As show above, in 2012 the field was a fabulous sea of blue and a sight to behold.   

Just one year later, the field changed. In 2013, the bluebonnets seem to have disappeared and taken over by red poppies and pink wildflowers.  Some of this can be attributed to drought and sadly the bluebonnets being trampled by those who love them.

In 2014 I did several photo drivebys of the field but there were only 12 bluebonnet and tons of tall green grasses.  It was so upsetting to see this field go from the beauty of 2012 to the nothingness of 2014, so I decided to DO SOMETHING!

I’m coordinating with JCPenney and Forever Bluebonnets to  create a campaign to reseed the JCP Field.   Bluebonnet Love  has created a non-profit Forever Bluebonnets  that works to preserve our Texas Bluebonnets by eradicating invasive species, land management practices, educating the public and reseeding heavily populated and trafficked bluebonnet fields to restore the field for our future generations.   JCPenney is going to help with our campaign, and has committed that this field will remain accessible to the public to view, enjoy and take pictures in.  JCPenney will also handle the reseeding this fall, so with fingers crossed and hoping for rain, we may once again see and behold a fabulous bluebonnet field in spring of 2015.

What can you do?  Go to Forever Bluebonnets, select the paypal button on the right side and make a donation.  Please specify you are donating to the JCPenney field!    Please donate now, so we can hopefully bring back this beauty to North Texas.




I also need ya’lls help to share, repost and spread the word amongst photographers, moms with camera, wildflower lovers, local businesses, local newspaper, blogs to spread the word on how we can help to make this field more beautiful. For all this, I thank you for your time!


Thank you to Star Local Media for publishing an article on this goal and to Kevin Cokely at NBC 5 DFW for producing a segment that aired last night on the 10 pm news.