In rummaging through old photos, I came across this image.

Seems simple right a man and his ice cream truck?

This is Bill. Bill was a fabulous and almost famous ice cream man known to many children over the 60s, 70s, 80s in my small hometown of Oakland, New Jersey.   Every afternoon between 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm he’d be driving his truck around our town with his bell ringing to sell his ice cream.   When he wasn’t driving the truck, he could be found during baseball games at the Oakland Rec Field.  The siblings of those baseball players could get some change from Mom and Dad and walk on over to the Ice Cream truck.    In the summers, many children went to Oakland Rec Camps at the elementary schools from 9:00 am till 12 noon.   I so remember walking down the big small hill at my elementary school camp after lunch to get an ice cream of a double lollipop. Those were my favorite.

I posted Bill’s photos to a You Knew You Group Up In Facebook group less than 24 hours ago, and so far there are over 300 likes and 100 comments and several shares.   I do remember taking his photo and he was surprised that I wanted him in the photo.  I wish I could let hime know now how well he is thought of and how many great memories of youth this images has brought back to former Oakland’s.

It got me thinking. It seems I always knew how important photographs are to keep and capture memories.   It bring me complete joy to see the image my father has captured over the years of my brothers and I.   I can’t say how happy it was to see an image of me at six standing in my room with the dress my mother made me (that boys at school called “pajamas”), near my white bookshelf where I kept all my dolls, stuffed animals, toys and books.  I only had one shelf.

Hopefully you all remember to photograph these memories for your children!!

Happy Shooting!



THE double lollipop!


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