I’m a family photographer in Allen, Plano, and Frisco, but in my own time I do a bit of Landscape photography.

Here’s just a little old historic Texas church and a great big historic Comet Neowise!   A few lady photographers and I trekked 3 hours from Plano, Texas, to a dark sky area near Throckmorton, TX to do quite a bit of night sky shooting.  We began around 8:45 pm staring at the sky waiting for darkness to spot this beautiful comet.  Finally it appeared in all it’s beauty over this 1936 Catholic Church.  It truly is unbelievable how in total darkness the comet has such a long tail and a split in the tail.

This comet is named after NASA’s Near-Earth-Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer.  It is 3 miles wides, 70 million miles from Earth and traveling at 144,000 mph as it moves away from the sun.  It took this comet 3,000 years or so to get here and it will not be back near Earth for another 6,900 years!! Incredible!!

Just a few more days you’ll be able to go outside 1 hour after sunset and look into the northwestern sky under The Big Dipper to see Comet Neowise.  Be sure to have binoculars, and/or your camera on a tripod for at least a 10 second exposure.  The camera can pick up a lot more light and things that our own eyes can see.

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Neowise comet over a church


Frisco photographer
Comet Neowise


This is a composite of the Comet NEOWISE over Lake Lewisville on my 2nd excursion at 4:00 am on July 10th to see this comet.

Frisco Photographer
Neowise North Texas