One sunlit evening my boys and I trekked up from Allen, Texas to Savannah’s Meadow  with a few of our wonderful photographer friends and their children to revisit the lavender field, and to get a quick tour of the life-size treehouse.   My boys were so excited to get to walk atop the tree and explore a house in the trees!

What surprised me most on this visit was our graceful host Gwen who gave us a wonderful tour of their farm, we met the beautiful Savannah. Savannah’s meadow isn’t only about the lavender and the treehouse, but there are ducks, a little pond, a canoe, beautiful walking trails, and a trampoline all available to guest who choose to stay at the treehouse.   The funnest part for the kids was feeding the ducks and being able to gently hold a duck.  I love the look below on our friend’s face with her hand reaching out to touch the duck my son is holding – see below!

It was such a wonderful evening with our children out in nature that I wish the light had not left us so soon as to hasten our trek back home.

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More info you say?  Of course – Eliz Alex Photography (est. 2010) specializes in photographing families and children in Plano, Texas; Allen Texas; Frisco, Texas, and the Woodlands, Texas areas.  Please message me to schedule your family’s photographic adventure!

Little people call her Camera Girl.  Elizabeth’s little people, two boys, call her Mommy.  She calls on her Canon, enthusiasm for the outdoors, creativity as a former toy maker, excitement for discovery, and addiction to Starbucks coffee to guide the littles, middles, and their families on photographic adventures.  Elizabeth’s love of nature and volunteer work at a local conservancy keep her connected to the land, and always seeking new settings where she can capture the natural light, the beauty of the local fauna, and the candid and the magical moments of the families she guides.

Louise Tonnancour

I am amazed at the beauty of your photograph! As a retired art teacher, I now have the time to paint. I mostly do portraits from old faded b&w pictures of my siblings. I paint for the pleasure of doing not selling.
Would you allow me to use one of these pictures for a future projects?
Thank you and God bless.
I’m in Montreal, Canada.

Please send me an email elizabeth at elizalexphotography dot com. These are my children so i’d like to know which one you’d want to paint.