One sunlit evening my boys and I trekked up from Allen, Texas to Savannah’s Meadow  with a few of our wonderful photographer friends and their children to revisit the lavender field, and to get a quick tour of the life-size treehouse.   My boys were so excited to get to walk atop the tree and explore a house in the trees!

What surprised me most on this visit was our graceful host Gwen who gave us a wonderful tour of their farm, we met the beautiful Savannah. Savannah’s meadow isn’t only about the lavender and the treehouse, but there are ducks, a little pond, a canoe, beautiful walking trails, and a trampoline all available to guest who choose to stay at the treehouse.   The funnest part for the kids was feeding the ducks and being able to gently hold a duck.  I love the look below on our friend’s face with her hand reaching out to touch the duck my son is holding – see below!

 It was such a wonderful evening with our children out in nature that I wish the light had not left us so soon as to hasten our trek back home.

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