A dreamy bed, a white wildflower field, a new family of six, an nice sunset in Allen, Texas.  Ah, a dream shoot!

Mom and I first met a while back in playgroup and we chatted a lot about photography. Her third child was one of my very first newborn shoots.    I am so honored that she asked me to come photograph her newest little one’s quick entry into the world at 2:08 am a week ago.  It was a precious moment to hear that little baby cry and capture her first few moments with her mom and dad.

Then, this happened.  A beautiful spring evening and finally I managed to get this adorable bed I’ve been holding in my garage for two years (yes two years!!) out into this private white wildflower field,   so the new family of six joined me there.  Aren’t they just so adorable?

A special thanks go to the homeowners for not mowing the field for me and letting me set up on their land.  I’m bringing them a little special gift soon.

It is a dream come true for all of these things to come to together for me to create these fabulous images for this new family of six.   Congrats on your new addition!

Eliz Alex Bed Field Family 3 8x10