Adventure Outside with The Woodlands, Texas photographer!

We officially have a teenager in the house!  Our family celebrated my oldests’ 13th birthday this past weekend, with a friends sleepover, gaming, swimming,  and a bit of outdoor adventure.   We adventured over to the brand spanking new Texas Treeventures  here in The Woodlands.  Have ya’ll seen it or heard about it?   My oldest son is quite fearless and will try ANYTHING –  ziplines in Punta Cana, ziplines near Asheville NC, pararsailing in Punta Cana and, snorkeling the sea in Mexico.   This would be the perfect outdoor adventure to do with his friends before we move back to Plano, Texas.  Or would it?

On the website you can watch a video which makes it look so fun, and it is, in a way.  There are three levels, with the first level being  about 20 feet off the ground,  so you immediately must overcome the “hanging in the air” feeling as you walk across the “ladder”.  As you accomplish level 1,  you can advance to the 2nd  level which it more challenging in height and in difficulty, then believe it or not there is a 3rd level.   A few traverses were easier than others – a wood ladder, a fallen tree log, stepping from tire to tire in the air, as well one traverse – the tire swings – we were told were physically tiring.    This adventure course is like nothing I’ve ever done before – and I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet.   THAT was scary, exhilirating and thrilling at different stages in the adventure.

THIS was challenging physically, and especially mentally – which surprised me!    Basically it seems as if you are standing and walking across almost nothing to get from one tree platform to the next.     I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve been super adventurous, so that may have been a factor.   Anyhoo, my birthday boy found it so terrifying that he stopped the course 1/2 way through the bottom level.  His two friends had not yet turned 13, so required my adult supervision.  Who is the only adult there?  Oh just me!  So they want to go to Level 2, and I muster up the courage and the will to follow them along so as to not damped their adventure.    Oh and yes, and they do want to JUMP down from the 2nd level to the ground on a Tru Blue,  and I must follow them!

I am so praying these two do not want to go to Level 3!!

The best smiles on my son came from the fun and safe of swimming in our pool with his friends – scroll down a bit!  Thanks to my GO PRO for being able to capture the adventure course images!


This is my son on Level 1 going across these netted swings:

plano photographer

photographer plano texas


This was one of the traverses I felt most secure on!photographer near me

Plano photographer near me

photography plano



THIS is where we jumped on a TRU BLUE from the second level down to the ground!!!

plano texas photographer



The best smiles came about while swimming. Doesn’t it look like a little waterman in from of my son’s friend?plano photographer near me

photographer near me dallas texas

dallas texas photographer

dallas texas photographer


More info you say?   Of course – Eliz Alex Photography (ests 2010) specializes in photographing families and children in Plano, Texas, Allen, Texas, McKinney, Texas, and The Woodlands areas.  Please message me to schedule your family’s photographic adventure!

Little people call her Camera Girl. Elizabeth’s little people,  two boys,  call her Mommy.  She calls on her Canon, enthusiasm for the outdoors, creativity as a former toy maker, excitement for discovery, and addition to Starbucks coffee to guide the littles and their families on photographic adventures. Elizabeth’s love of nature and volunteer work at a local conservancy keep her connected to the land, and always seeking new settings where she can capture the natural light, the beauty of the local fauna, and the candid and the magical moments of the families she guides.