Fun images for your family photo session in Plano, Texas.

Growing up in the northeast I  miss the beautiful fall foliage.  I remember many cool fall days of (forced) raking, and leaf piles, jumping and apple cider. Yes “forced” raking as we had such a huge yard and so many trees fall raking was one of my brothers and my chores in the fall.

However, all the that raking did bring about gigantic leaf piles to jump in!

It’s not quite like that here in Texas, but fairly soon we should have some wonderful fall color here in the Big D.   Our best leaf display time frame is mid to late November, and I am so hoping our dry summer and dry fall won’t adversely affect our fall colors, especially since we’ve gotten a lot of rain this past weekend.

So go on, get out there with your family for some fall fun.

 1)  Jump! 

Those who jump together have fun together!


2)  Throw leaves 

When this image was taken there weren’t a lot of leaves on the ground, so hello Hobby Lobby to the rescue.

This one is a wee bit of Hello Photoshop.

This one is ALL nature!  Yippee!

3)  Walk  Together

Take a walk off into the sunset together.  In Allen, Texas we often find some lovely yellow fall flowers in the fields.



If inspired you can even Walk Like An Egyptian:


4) Bust out those Bubbles

Bubbles can bring happiness in any season so I often keep them in my prop bag.    Take them out for some for end-of-the session spin and fun. It keeps the kids happy and have fun memories of your time with them.

5)  Explore Nature

Capture those moments of your children out in nature exploring, and here is  one of mine watching an  chasing leaves.  We had fabulous leaf color that year, that yellow . . so beautiful.



6)  Bring along Fido.

Take your doggies out and capture their fun too running amongst the leaves, chasing sticks.


This is a  most favorite one of my own child in the leaves:

I’d love to see what ya’ll capture!! You an share by posting to my FB page: