Ya’ll it’s summertime once again. I think half of Texas is out of school with more finishing this week.

What I love most is having my babies back with me full time once again, so lots of relaxing, swimming, reading and doing fun things together. Yesterday was errands and doctor appointments, mainly for my ten year old who shot himself in the eye with a nerf gun. YEP – shot himself in the eye! He was getting ready for a nerf battle and somehow shot himself at close range. His eye swelled a bit as to be expected, but the next day he couldn’t stand any light from outside, even had to keep the blinds closed and wear sunglasses. We’ve been to the eye doctor 5 times this week, and one day had to put eye drops in every two hours.  All is looking good now and we only have 1 more appointment next week. So be sure your kiddos wear safety glasses during nerf battles. You can buy clear safety glasses that are child sized at any Lowes.  As per our optometrist, Nerf bullets and laundry two most common eye injuries to children. With the laundry pods they squeeze them and the pod explodes unexpected in the child’s fact. Be careful!

BACK to Summer fun – we purchased these bubbles, and bubble wand yesterday at Kroger for $5.99 and just gave them a test run this morning.   For my son’s 2nd grade class project we made our own bubbles and he had to sell them at school – those bubbles were fantastic. However, these Kroger bubbles with the giant wand are truly A H M A Z I N G! We are off to go get more!

What summer fun things are ya’ll doing?


giant bubbles the woodlands texas


boy smiling giant bubbles woodlands texas

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