A longish weekend  down in Mexico with my family to kick off the summer was wonderful.  We relaxed, swam, read, slept, ate, kayaked, hobie catted, snorkeled, ordered “dirty monkeys’ from the pool bar,  and along came my new go pro hero silver.

We did have a hiccup or two as my oldest son came down with a fever and cough for four days. Thankfully I had plenty of advil and rest time for him.  It seems I forgot to check the kids travel kit for a thermometer.   Off to the giftshop we go to buy one  – an old style one  – yep with the mercury.  Then my son who is used to plastic ended thermometer proceeds to “lightly” gnaw down on it and break the thermometer – in his mouth!   This caused a few stressful moments, or hour.

We weren’t able to get into our room until 4:00 pm after a 9:30 am 2 hour flight to Mexico.  Next time pack swimsuits in the carryon and just go swim while you wait for your room to be ready.  Oh and bring an American thermometer!

All in all, we had lovely family time.  The best part for me as a scuba diver,  was to take my family snorkeling and let them experience the coral reef, and beautiful tropical fishes.

See a bit of our VACA here,  all filmed and shot with the Go Pro: