Jack O’Lantern portrait session of my “babies” in Plano, Texas.

There’s something so magical about lights at night, especially around the holidays seasons.  For years, I’ve been capturing my boys and our Treelight Sessions, and another photographer’s work inspired me this year to try it with a Jack O’Lantern.

My middle schools boys are not quite yet too old to celebrate Halloween.   It seems as our children grow, these moments of magical celebrations are few and far between.  Sadly my younger one has identified that mommy is the Toothfairy, Easter Bunny, and all else.    He has always been suspicious – as a 1st grader he used to come home telling me about the teacher’s Elf with the “made in China” tag on it.  I just smiled at him.   As another proof of my middles growing, it used to be I could get their cooperation via #briberybycupcake – these days it is #briberybyscreentime!  Whatever works right?

This image was made entirely with the lights from the Jack O’Lantern.  There were many little teacup lights inside and sitting on the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin, as a last ditch effort to get it right we added a flashlight inside to bringten it up a bit more.  We shot with my Canon 5DIII/24-70 II and with my Fuji XT2 / 16mm to see which came out the best.  I loved the Fuji images best!

As our holidays season’s moving along, take a peek at the magical  TREElight Sessions coming up!


plano family photographer
Jack O’Lantern Lighting my boys