This little sweetie was one of our models at a shoot out I organized for my favorite photographer mama group. We had beautiful chairs, ladders, umbrellas, linen angel wings, crowns, baskets, and even little car all brought to our shoot out by the wonderful Odds and Enzos Prop Shop from Richardson and from the wonderful TFJ Designs from Frisco.     We hope to put more of these events together in the future and get more local photography businesses involved.

So back to this little one.

She had never modeled before.  She and her mama didn’t realize when she put on this gorgeous rented purple dress that a crowd of photographers would swarm in front of her to photographer her.   And oh we did swarm, it is hard not too!   She didn’t know who to look at, whether or not to smile, what to do.    When someone would say look at me, she’d look over at them, and away from the other photographers in front of her.   The large group was just overwhelming to her being her first time.  I now know I need to educate the new model children and their mamas about what to expect, and work with the photographers not to overwhelm these sweet little ones.

I  met her and her mama yesterday, just so we could get some wonderful natural photographs of her little girl, in a small group where she could be more HER.

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