Happy New Year everyone!   This morning, I awoke with a plan to attempt to photograph frozen bubbles since it was to be around 18 to 20 degrees with this cold front that blew in over night to Plano, Texas.  As I hurriedly dressed before the temperatures warmed up at all,  I noticed a few flakes falling from the sky.   There was no prediction for snow this am and this is Texas – near Dallas.  This is a rare occasion, so I began photographing the lovely snowflakes with my Canon 100L Macro lens.

It seems we were having Lake Effect snow from Lake Grapevine.  It occurs when the cold air moves over a warm body of water, as the warmth and moisture is transferred into the lower level of the atmosphere,  the air rises, clouds form, and narrow bands of snow form downwind of the lake.

Just take a peek at nature’s beauty and all the variations in the snowflakes:



snowflake macro plano texas




plano photographer snowflake


God’s creativity is really captured in these photos. Just like snowflakes, each person is created as a unique person.