How to find amazing locations nearby Allen Texas?

One foggy morning in January of 2013,  I awoke to bring my boys to school and on a lark I decided to bring my camera in the car. See we don’t get tons of foggy days here in Texas so it is a treat especially if the fog is super thick. Low and behold on the car drop off line, (yes car drop off line!!) I saw something amazing. The fog . . . the sun coming up . . the beauty.   Right here in Allen, Texas nearby my home! On this day the weather made this spot so different and wonderful from any other time I had ever seen it and have seen it since. You really can’t believe it is the same spot. It is now two years later and as you can see below the spot looks a bit different. We’ve lost a couple of trees, and in particular lost my main focal point – the pretty tree nestled by the benches in between the two playgrounds. I loved this photograph so much that I have made it into a 30 x 40 canvas that is right now awaiting my husband’s return so we may hang it over our fireplace. It will always remind me of this home, my boys being little in elementary school, and nature and beauty. So always bring that camera along as you never know when you’ll see something amazing – especially take it out if there is fog.


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