For my boys . . .

Ever since last year when we discovered a local carnival right around the corner from our home, I’ve been waiting with anticipation for it to come again so I could bring you and have so much fun with you at the carnival.

It is a much loved event of my youth,  an amazing family time, and a fundraiser for school districts in our area that need a bit of a boost.

Talley Amusements brought the Midway back for the St. Jude’s Catholic Church Carnival fundraiser in Allen, Texas.  This time we asked a few friends to join us,  because the more there merrier is my motto.

I bought you unlimited ride wristbands a few weeks in advance.  I so hoped for great weather.  We lucked out with rain a day earlier,  and arrived at opening time to pick up our wristbands.  It was not crowded and you both ran in immediately to ride the swing 3 times in a row.

And wow did ya’ll and your friends make amazing use of those wristbands!!  Being with friends helped you to be more brave and ride new, different, scary rides – some with G forces.  This is particularly true for you my little guy, having your best friend there really helped him to try some new things. Your best friend helps you to feel safe in a way that a best friend can.

Ya’ll ran from ride to ride. in a flurry of boys.   Sometimes I couldn’t keep up with where you had run off to.    This little boy pack rode 30 – 40 times on all different rides – the Haunted House, the Fun House, the swing, the Ferris Wheel, the Scorpion, Zero Gravity were favorites.  It was amazing to see you smile after stumbling off the Zero Gravity ride and the excitement and thrill you were sharing with your friends.

And yes that meant we happened to be there for quite a bit of time – possibly 6 hours with a dinner break for pizza.  Don’t tell anyone!

Here’s a link to last year’s visit:

The Carnival Comes to town 2014

  web carnival eliz alex photography