The winter are the slow months in photography, and I’m really enjoying this time when I can be “just a mom” again. I feel relaxed, and accomplished by doing my mom house things like tossing out the ten year old pack-n-play, donating old clothing, cleaning up the garage a bit, just tackling all those things on my home-to-do list. It nice to not be rushing around checking locations, checking weather, etc., etc.,

 So I spend some time trying to teach this old brain a few new things – the first is using studio lighting specifically a new-to-me Alien Bee. A while ago I’d seen a photographer create art for her son’s room by photographing his favorite toys and it’s been on my photographer-to-do list, and here we go.

 This is my son’s Lego creation.  He would like to be an inventor.  The toy is never actually played with but proudly displayed on his dresser. He is mad when the cat gets up on his dresser to investigate.

So I needed an object to photograph with the new light setup and used his invention as my subject, and some interesting looking surface for his invention to glide upon.  He sat beside me and photographed it with his kindle and messed around with the various photo editing techniques on his kindle.   I wonder if I am grooming another photographer . . but no his latest desire is inventor.  We’ve already had mailman and teacher.