A sweet squirrel photo session capture by a Plano Texas photographer.

Our family has this pumpkin stand we’ve had for years and years.  We call it spider pumpkin.  One day on our way out the door to school , we noticed our pumpkin had been eaten in a small section, the orange part was missing exposing the white of the pumpkin.   As the days went on,  the eaten section got bigger and bigger till there was a giant hole into the hallow of the pumpkin.   This morning, our kitty Saturn was having a field day chittering at the window all morning watching this squirrel in the tree.  The squirrel was watching our kitty, and I knew instantly he was our pumpkin eater!  Finally the squirrel dared to make a run to the pumpkin right outside the window to have a snack.  He even sat with his back to us while he popped into the pumpkin for some seeds, and ate atop the pumpkin.

Who knew squirrels would make you a Jack O’Lantern!!


Pumpkin squirrel plano photographer
A pumpkin eating squirrel
Pumpkin squirrel Plano photographer
Going in for the seeds!
plano photographer pumpkin squirrel
jack o’lantern by squirrel
plano phootgrapher
jack o’lantern by squirrel