The Christmas season is one of my most favorite times to shoot – everyone is happy, children are excited, everyone is giving, and thinking of the season.  We tour holiday lights with hot cocoa in our hands, and there is a sparkle in the room that brightens up the day and night by our Christmas tree.

A treelight session  – your tree, your home, your children, your life. 

By photographing your children with your Christmas tree, you can make your Christmas memories a part of your holiday decor.    So as those babies and children grow to teens and adults, each year you will still have those images of them to place about your home at Christmas.   This year, my 12 year old really enjoyed placing our photo ornaments the tree and seeing how old he was and when they were taken (I had written their ages and the year on the back least I forget in my old age!)  Our first photo cards was when my babies were 2 and 4, they are now 10 and 12, so I have one for each year!

And holiday cards – you might pay to have holiday cards taken every year?   Why not take those images and make them into a holiday ornament to be placed on your tree!!

Here you can see  Our tree light sessions over the years.   I’ve taken those images as well as our holiday card images for each year and created puzzles, one as a canvas, a metal print,  and metal/wood ornament.   THOSE are my most favorite – see below!!


christmas photo ornaments woodlands texas


photo traditions woodlands photographer
This is an iPhone snap of the canvas and the metal print: