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Little people call her Camera Girl.  
Elizabeth’s little people, two boys, call her Mommy. 
She calls on her Canon, enthusiasm for the outdoors, creativity as a former toy-maker, excitement for discovery, and addiction to Starbucks coffee to guide the littles and their families on photographic adventures.   Elizabeth’s love of nature and volunteer work at a local land conservancy keep her connected to the land and always seeking new settings where she can capture the natural light, the beauty of the local fauna, and the candid and magical moments of the families she guides in The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia and Cypress and Houston, Texas area.

My Photography has been featured in National Geographic Your Shot, Child Photo Competition, and Clickin' Moms,  NBC News DFW, and J14 Decorate Magazine.



In a nutshell, I am a stay-at-home Mom to two "wild things" (aka my sweet little boys),  wife to my hard working husband Michael, a Photographer,  Manager of House, Home Cook, Cleaner, Entertainer, Reader, etc in the The Woodlands, Texas.  We are moving to The Woodlands, Texas very close to Tomball,  Magnolia and Cypress, Texas.

I'm also a nature lover and met my husband in an Outdoors Club where I led hikes, bike trips, and kayak trips.  Being outdoors and doing photography brings me joy in discovering new places, breathing fresh air and relaxing in nature in Texas and soon back to Houston area! I'm a bit excited about exploring new places with my elementary aged children and capturing them on camera along the way.

Once upon a time, I spent too many years to count working in the toy industry - creating, designing, product developing, photographing and marketing all kinds of toys for little boys and girls.  My favorite part by far was setting up the "model sessions" and working with children to play with our radio controlled toys or cuddle a baby doll.  We hired real child models for our sessions for print, packaging,  advertising and for commercial shoots.  It was so fun! (and ah ha! no wonder I like props!)

Here is a link to one of the commercials I'd worked on with the Blackwatch Productions in NYC:

Somersalt Sara

Fast forward to my own children's birth, and I found the desire to capture beautiful photographs of my own children.   I am mainly a self-taught photographer, and have attended several photography workshops online and offline, and I continue to learn every day.
 And I still LOVE to play with children! :)

You know how they always say, "do what you love", well for me that is photography.

To keep my creative juices flowing, I designed my own handmade headbands, sew a few patchwork tents and crocheted a couple of newborn props, please check out my ETSY shop at Vintage Pretties by EMA.  Well, time has passed a bit since I originally wrote this and my ETSY shop is now selling a few digital backgrounds for photographers.

Email:  elizabeth@elizalexphotography.com
The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, Cypress,  and Houston, Texas
Cell: 832.978.0895

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