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On this page I'll share links to a few blogs that have featured my work.  This makes my heart smile big!

Houston Family Magazine -  November,  2018 

A tree light session of my boys will be featured in an article in this month's Houston Family Magazine.  Here is the online article:  I do believe in Santa!

HulaFrog The Woodlands -  October,  2018 

My business listed by HULA FROG The Woodlands on their as a top ten Hot List.  Hula frog Hot LIST

Gallery of Fine Art Children's Photography -  October,  2018 

My youngest and his new cello in this refined fine art images selected and published by the:  Gallery of Refined Art

Woodlands Online -  February,  2018 

We moved just a few months ago back to The Woodlands, Texas. And of course I hope ya'll know my love for bluebonnets,  so I am trying to get the word out on how to protect our very special bluebonnets.  A big thank you to Woodlands Online for sharing my written words:  Woodlands Online

Photography Talk -  January,  2018 

My very first organized collaborative shootout with Stillwater, Sew Trendy, makeup artist, model girls, and many photographers resulted in these two images being shared on Photography Talk.:  3 East Portrait Ideas for Girls

Child Photo Competition White -  July,  2017 

My image of a blonde girl looking out a white curtained window in a white shiplap room was chosen as a finalist for the monthly competition - White over at Child Photo Competition.
See the winner and finalists:  Child Photo Competition White WINNERS

Child Photo Competition EBOOK Winners 2016 -  June,  2017 

 So proud to have an image on Child Photos Competitions EBOOK Winners for 2016.  Mine is under the monthly themed competitions - Waiting for Santa.  I am speechless and honored.   Here is is:  Child Photo Competition 2016 WINNERS

Child Photo Competition /  Inspiring Monday Week 172 -  May,  2017 

An image of my sons' feet as he swam away from me is featured on CPC!  Here is is:  Child Photo Competition Inspiring Monday

National Geographic Your Shot /  Why We Love Pets -  May,  2017 

Just recently began reviewing National Geographic Your Shot contests again and am amazed to have been one of the many many entries selected for the Assignment Why We Love Pets.  It is an image I so love of my youngest and our Smokey when he was a kitten.

Read it here: Why We Love Pets

Child Photo Competition / WINNER! Waiting for Santa-  January,  2017 

I wish to express my honor and gratitude to have been chosen for my very first time as  WINNER of the Child Photos Competition.   I'm in disbelief!!!

Read it here: Child Photo Competition WINNER

Clickin Moms / Click Magazine- Video Fusion: How to incorporate video into your photography  - August,  2016 

I've spent a bit of the past year dabbing and jumping into video with my DSLR.  Read here a few tips on how to get yourself started with YOUR DLSR!

Read it here: Video Fusion on Click Magazine

Photo Artistry - Spring - April,  2016  

A sweet 2nd shoot of a little girl in a field of yellow flowers, (2nd shoot as first field was mowed) was chosen as a Top Ten for Photo Artistry's Signs of Spring theme this month. Yippee!   Photo Artistry Top Ten

Jackie Jean Photography - B/W - Feb,  2016  

My N wandering in the downtown tunnels was chosen as a winner in Jackie Jean Photography contest for Black and White.  Jackie Jean Black and white

Child Photo Competition - Underwater  - Summer,  2015  

So happy to announce the finally another photography goal accomplished, by my image of my little guy in the lazy river being chosen as a finalist in Child Photo Competition.  I've been entering their contests for a while and this is the first time my image was chosen!  Yippee!

Read it here: Child Photo Competition Underwater Finalists

Light Inspired - Week in Review  - July,  2015  

A top 10 for my boys in the Sunflower field for a "Red, White & Blue theme over at Light Inspired.

Read it here: Light Inspired July 2015

Clickin Moms - 6 Outdoor Photography Ethics and Etiquette  - June,  2015  

So thrilled to see my words come to life in this new article I wrote for the Clickin Moms blog.  It's something I believe in, we should protect our world with 6 Outdoor Photography Ethics and Etiquette. And Yippee my article was one of the top five blog poses for June 2015!

Read it here: Clickin Moms Eliz Alex Photography

I Heart Faces - Rain / Water - May,  2015  

My image was chosen as number # in the I Heart Faces Rain/Water Challenge.  I love this one of my little guy!  I Heart Faces

Beyond The Wanderlust - Fan Fav - March 27,  2015  

Here and there I've entered images for Beyond the Wanderlust's daily photo competition and was sadly never chosen.  Until this image of my boy walking in the tulip field.   Thank you to all those that voted for me!  Beyond The Wanderlust Fan Fav March 27, 2015

Texas Bluebonnet Sightings - Help Us Do Good. - March,  2015  

A big Thank you to Texas Bluebonnet Sightings and Bluebonnet Love for working to preserve bluebonnets in the State of Texas.    Bluebonnet Love

Jackie Jean Photography - Yellow - March,  2015  

A pretty senior at sunset in a sweet sunflower field  was chosen as a winner in Jackie Jean Photography contest for Yellow.  Top Ten Yellow

Jackie Jean Photography - Light - Feb,  2015  

A little girl looking towards the light was chosen as Honorable Mention in Jackie Jean Photography contest for Light.   Top Ten Light

Jackie Jean Photography - Leading Lines - Jan,  2015  

My boy on the castle bridge was chosen as a top ten for leadinglines by Jackie Jean Photography's weekly contest.  And what timing since he just turned 7 this same week!  Top Ten Leading Lines

Clickin Moms - 2014 Favorite Photos - Jan,  2015  

One of my favorite images from 2014 made it into the Clickin Mom list of 2014 Favorite Photos.  Mine is about 37 seconds in.  See the slideshow Clickin Moms You Tube

Rock The Shot - Christmas Tree  - Dec,  2014  

Ahh, so excited to win a second time in a Rock the shot photo contest.  This time an image from my Treelight test session of this adorable little girl by her Christmas Tree.   I think I won another canvas by Canvas by Blossom. yay

Just click this link: Rock The Shot forum

Inspire Digital or Not Fine Art Photography  - Dec,  2014  

An image near and dear to my heart of my youngest by our Christmas tree was selected as a Top 10 in the Childrens category at Inspire Digital or Not Fine Art Photography this month.  See the Flip board magazine. Just click twice to flip the pages to see my image.

NBC 5 DFW - Sept,  2014  

A segment and article by anchor Kevin Cokely on my goal of finding funds to help reseed the JCPenney blue bonnet field.

See it here:  NBC DFW

Clickin Moms - Monthly Picture Share ENDINGS - Sept,  2014  

Whoop! Whoop!   One of my images was chosen for the theme ENDINGS in the monthly picture share at Clickin moms!!

See it here: Clickin Moms Blog ENDINGS

Clickin Moms - 8 Safety tips for shooting in fields  - Sept,  2014  

So thrilled to see my words come to life in an article I wrote for the Clickin Moms blog.  It's an article about 8 safety tips for taking photos in fields.

Read it here: Clickin Moms blog

Rock The Shot - Dance Like No One  - Sept,  2014  

Truly touched to have won 3rd place in a Rock the Shot monthly photo contest.  For this contest, I won an actual prize and it is a Canvas by Blossom.  I can't wait to make a canvas of my boys!

Just click this link: Rock The Shot

I Heart Faces "Beautiful Photo of the Week" - August 10,  2014  

I am so thankful to be selected as a "Beautiful Photo of the Week" by I Heart Faces.  It's been since 2009 that I've been learning and participating in the IHF photo challenges.  Each week I'd mark my calendar with the weeks' theme to remind myself to enter an image that fit the theme.  It's funny to look back at some of my early entries, yet to rewarding to come this far and be chosen for this.  Thank you I Heart Faces!

Just click this link:  I Heart Faces

Giggles & Goldfish - July 2014  

Another share of my underwater image of my youngest tubing in Everyday Favorites at Giggles & Goldfish - thank you!   Just click this link:  Giggles & Goldfish

The Day in the Life Project - July 2014  

Just a sweet underwater photo of my youngest tubing in a lazy river was chosen as one of the Faceless theme images this week.  So sweet!   Just click this link:   The Day In The Life Project

Photo Artistry - June 2014  

One of mine images of a little baby barely standing in a lavender field was chosen as a Top Ten Favorite Images for the week ending June 29, 2014.  Just click this link:   Photo Artistry

Prop Insanity- Inspiration Wings - June 2014  

My first Fairy in the forest or Woodlands fairy was featured as a Wings Inspiration image over at Prop Insanity. See it right HERE: Prop Insanity - Wings

Finding the Light - online workshop - June 2014

So excited to be a runner up in the Finding the Light online workshop with over 500 entries and  a beautiful image of a ethereal little girl in the evening sunlight.  The theme is your favorite photo taken this spring, see the full winner list here:  Finding The Light

Prop Insanity- Inspiration Orange - June 2014  

An image I love of a little ginger girl picking orange and red firewheel flowers has been selected as an Orange Inspiration image over at Prop Insanity. See it right HERE:  Prop Insanity - Inspiration Orange

Love Photographs Beautifully - June 2014  

An image of my boys playing with their cars was chosen as a Top 10 image for Perspective by Love Photographs Beautifully.   Right HERE:  Love Photographs Beautifully - Perspective

Photo Artistry - April 2014  

One of mine images was chosen as a Top Ten Favorite Images for the week ending April 14, 2014.  See it right HERE Photo Artistry

 Star Local Media - Allen American - April 2014 

Cornering the market:  Local ETSY owners push each other's products.  Time for some old time press with an online and an article being published in the Allen American newspaper about my photography and etsy shop giveaway.   Get to reading right here:   Star Local Media

Bluebonnet Love - Texas Bluebonnet Sightings - March 2014

It is a honor to have several of my bluebonnet photos featured over at Bluebonnet Love, also known as Texas Blue Bonnet Sightings.  The header on this page is my little guy in one of my Vintage Pretties patchwork tents, as well as a couple of other photos on the page.  Show your Bluebonnet Love by going here:   Bluebonnet Love

Finding the Light - online workshop - March 2014

So excited to be a runner up in the Finding the Light online workshop with over 500 entries and  a beautiful image of my son and our new kitty is in the winner list.  The theme is kids and pets, see the full winner list here:  Finding the Light Workshop

Honey Bops ETSY Shop - October 2013 

Last fall I photographed the family of the designer and owner Honey Bops ETSY shop.  Here is a sweet Sock Monkey holiday card she designed using one of the family images I photographed last fall.
Honey Bops ETSY shop 

Sweet Little Muse - September 2013 

Sweet Little Muses' weekly theme was GREEN. My most favorite green image is one of my little guy and his best friend. And, yay, it was chosen as a favorite.   See all the Green images chosen  here:  Sweet Little Muse

In Beauty & Chaos - August 2013 

For the In Beauty & Chaos weekly fav, I posted  a sunset silhouette shot completely unposed of my boys while we were in Virginia.  We just finished skipping rocks on the river and my boys ran up the hill, so I clicked real quick!  See all the weekly favs here:  In Beauty & Chaos Weekly Favs

Spark - August 2013 

Summer is the early August 9th weekly theme over at SPARK, and my image made top ten! Click this link:   SPARK my photography

Chic Critique Magazine - Shimmer / Issue 6 - June 2013

Wow! So thrilled my image and my little ETSY shop Vintage Pretties by EMA was featured in the newest issue of Chic Critique Magazine.  See the article below.   You can get a copy HERE!

Disney Baby - 20 Floral Ideas for Baby - May 2013

Disney Baby published this adorable collection of 20 floral ideas for baby and my photo taken for the ETSY shop Thats The Cutest Thing is one of the features.  See my photo here in DisneyBaby.com.

Light Inspired - Yellow - May 2013

Yay! I've spent a lot of this spring out photographing children and families in yellow wildflower fields.  Yellow is the theme for this Light Inspired weekly contest, and I knew I had a perfect photo.   Click Light Inspired  to see!

Project.12 - Photographers At Home - May 2013

It's my birthday month and what a better present that to have my art selected by Project.12 Project Inspire. See it right HERE!

Lemonade & Lenses -  December 2012

My image of my son and his best friend were chosen as one of the favorite images of the week.  Click Lemonade and Lenses HERE

Prop Insanity - November 2012  

A sweet holiday session with my red and white holiday tent was featured HERE at Prop Insanity

I Heart Faces - November 2012

Orange was the theme so I enter one of my older son standing in a wheatfield at sunset.  It was chosen as an Amy & Angie favorite.  Click THIS for I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces - April 2011

The month's theme was Slice of Life and a photo of my husband and son was chosen as an Amy & Angie favorite.  Go HERE to I Heart Faces


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