At the park, the little doggie Buddy befriended the boys and they wore him out.  Thoughts of getting a doggie entered my mind, but we are a dedicated kitty family at the moment.  Buddy was certainly endearing!



Love the colors. Cute dog!

Oh what a great capture! It makes me think of the saying, "It's a dogs life!"

He looks like he's caught between laughing and yawning…both are probably probable after a romp with young'ns…cute!

Looks like he's having a blast! Cute pup 🙂

I love all the textures and the way you captured this dog's playfulness!

Lovely shot. He looks like he's laughing. 🙂

Marla @

What a happy dog! Very cute.

Ohhh but dogs are sooo much fun! Great shot…it really captures how silly they can be.