Just want to mention I’m not a professional photographer, just a hobbyist who wants to take pictures like a professional.

What I love about photography is envisioning a scene in my head and seeing it come to life.  As I’ve got two boys, I often need to borrow friend’s little girls to sit in my victorian red velvet chairs.   So this sweet little photograher friend’s daughter came in her pretty pink tutu and she helped my image come to life!  Do you know she is a tomboy and momma had to bribe her to wear this tutu??

Please see some more purple visions at http://www.iheartfaces.com/.   Have fun!


Aww she's the princess, her innocence gives her the world!

This is so very pretty! I love the texture of the picture!

A beautiful photo and a gorgeous little subject.

This is one of my favorites so far! She is just adorable and the overall photo is amazing!

Beautiful picture! Love the texture you used in post-processing too!

So so so cute. Love the effect… and that hairflower!!

this is so pretty! I love how muted everything is! Great Photo!