We did a crazy spontaneous adventure thing!

We drove one night 4 hours up to our old hometown to meet friends at the St. Jude’s Carnival.  The smiles on my boys faces when we surprised them at school pick up was so worth it, oh and the fun, smiles and laughter with their friends – it was immeasurable.

My boys and I have been visiting this carnival in 2014, 2015, 2016, so how could I let a move to Houston have us miss running around with long-time friends in 2017!!  WE COULD NOT! And thank you to my hubby for suggesting the short trip and taking us up and back.  It was also great to surprise our karate family and attend our old karate class.

I only brought along my little Fuji XT2 which I just love for fun shooting. It can do panoramic, double exposures, and is pretty awesome at night photography.

I’m really hoping to find a small midway carnival like this near our new home – anyone know of one?

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Here are links to our many past visits to the St. Judes’ carnival:

In 2016, we went and I held part of a client’s senior session at the carnival. My first time using my vagabond mini and alien bee lights in the darkness.  The carnival is just five minutes from our old home, so we snuck back for night 30 minutes on night 2 with my oldest just so I could ride some rides with him! Instagram video montage  (my boys say I sound like a coyote screaming! ha ha!)

In 2015 –  Our fun 2015 Carnival blast!

In 2014 –  My boys 1st carnival!

More info you say?  Of course – Eliz Alex Photography (est. 2010) specializes in photographing families and children in Plano, Texas; Allen Texas; Frisco, Texas, and the Woodlands, Texas areas.  Please message me to schedule your family’s photographic adventure!

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