Follow our 10 on 10 for September –  a group of photographers post 10 photos on the tenth of the month every month!

 Often when I see Clicknmoms blog, the majority of the photos seem to be indoor black and white of babies crawling, playing, sitting in their cribs, looking out windows.  The photos are adorable and I wish I’d had those memories recorded of my children.   My boys are now 5 and 7 so it’s not easy to get those quiet moments in the house.  Seeing those images has inspired me to try for some more dramatic lighting, and try a few black and whites.

 So here is my youngest son and the Art of Apple Eating! Enjoy!

  Eliz alex appleClick the link to go on to Maricruz Photography for this month’s 10 on 10 project – I can’t wait to see what she’s posted!

Maricruz Photography