We met in a pretty field near Allen, Texas.  It was a gorgeous sunlit field of little white and tall yellow flowers. And when I arrived, it was mowed.  . . gone. nothing.  . .  just green grass.  I had borrowed my neighbor’s fabulous lens,  the 70 – 200L  (thank you Paula!).     It was a comparison really for me as I photographed this girl in that field last year with my 200L lens, and I wanted to see how my 200L images compared to shooting with the 70 – 200L.  In my heart I knew I would not get the images I’d had already set in my mind, but I shot anyway.     This sweet girl loved exploring my bags of goodies to see what else she could play with while I photographed her.

Two night later I saw another similar field and asked if they’d meet me a second time,   and YES they said YES!.  These are those images – a beautiful sunlit field of tall yellow grasses shot with my 135 and my 200.    No borrowed lens though – still trying to decide on that investment.

  web2 Eliz Alex Take 2