{I’m so excited today for several reasons of a few great things happening in my little business.} Once upon a time, I spent too many years to count working in the toy industry – creating, designing, product developing, photographing and marketing all kinds of toys for little boys and girls. My favorite part by far was setting up the “model shots” and working with children to play with our radio controlled toys or cuddle a baby doll. We even hired real child models for our shoots for print advertising and on commercial shoots. It was so fun! (and ah ha! no wonder I like props!) Now it is just me with my own photography and ETSY shop business, and every little Facebook LIKE, every comment on my blog, every inquiry, every order every email I am so grateful to receive. So, now to something new. As a creative person, I often have ideas circling in my brain – some happen instantly, some later, and some much later. That said, let me introduce another of my long-time-in-the making projects – a sweet vintage mini tent. It’s perfect for those crawling and newly sitting up babies. I think it could also be used for an outdoor newborn shoot to provide some adorable shade on baby. Take a look at this adorable little one below: