This majestic bird right here in The Woodlands!

Finally, after quite a few visits to the Bald Eagle nest of the Woodlands this fall, whereupon I was the only person there, and did not see one eagle just a bare nest way up high in the trees, yesterday was a lucky day.

After chatting with other bird photographer for a couple hours,  (makes the time waiting much more enjoyable)  the eagle swooped into the nest to bring his newly born babies and mama some food.  One baby was born December 24th, and the other on December 25th.  Christmas eagle babies!  It was truly amazing to see this eagle’s wing span and his his little feet he was carrying a treat for his babies.  Do you want to guess what it was?

These images were taken with a friend’s borrow 500 mm lens. It is a great lens to capture these birds!

bald eagle of the woodlands texas photographer

The below images were taken back in the fall, once I had seen NOTHING at the next, and decided to trek around Lake Woodlands to capture a few other birds.   I did love the way the white egret choose to post for me near some white flowers – guess he knows how much I love the wildflowers!


bird of the woodlands, texas
great blue heron lake woodlands


Great blue heron of the woodlands texas