One of my favorite memories of summer was those couple of weeks before school started and the carnival came to town.   It was always so fun to run into class mates you had not seen over the summer,  or a boy you had a crush on, and as a pre-teen some classmates would try to write with lipstick on your check the number grade you were entering – 6, 7, or 8.

The carnival came to town to St. Jude’s Catholic church in Allen, Texas.  So off we went, at night so we could enjoy all the carnival lights.  My boys loved it, and I seemed to have an eternal smile so enjoyed watching their joy and screaming with them on a ride or two.   As a parent, the ferris wheel was a bit terrifying.  We ran into friends and one little friend was poking her head out the cart to say hello – while we were at the top stopped (see below!).  I tried taking some top-of-the-ferris-wheel looking down shots, and with the ferris wheel moving, the cart rocking, watching my children it seems I focused on the sky.  Kinda love it!

(Believe it or not, we’ve not yet made it to the Texas State Fair.)  It’s on the list now.

Eliz Alex Photography Carnival