The Milky Way in Texas!

Ya’ll I did it! I’m such a DIY gal, and am so happy to photograph my 1st Milky Way shoot on my own. No fancy workshops, no expensive gear. Just me and my camera. I’ve spent the past couple years researching, learning, and could never even “see” the Milky Way from our home in The Woodlands, Texas. THAT is so frustrating – to know the beauty that is up there in the sky and to NOT be able to see it. Many times I was outside my home at midnight taking photos of the sky – I’m sure my neighbors think I am nuts!

In case you don’t realize the Milky Way is only visible 6 months of the year, and only visible a few day of each month, then you need to be in a dark sky area, and the weather needs to be clear.

We were in Mustang Island, Texas as our family vacation planned by my hubby coincided with wonderful Milky Way viewing. I was ecstatic to realize that I would have this opportunity should the weather stay clear.   And clear it was – we had 3 gorgeous clear evenings I was out late shooting by myself the first night, and with my family on the beach the second night.

The temperature was lovely 85 degrees, the breeze off the ocean was relaxing, and the skies were so bright beautiful, and amazing.   I

It was invigorating to see and to shoot! I am over the moon! This is my little guy that sat as still as he could for 25 seconds! I had to keep counting – 20 seconds, don’t move, 18 seconds don’t move!

the milky way woodlands photographer
This is our boardwalk from our hotel to the beach and compositionally I was trying to get something, so decided to include a portion of the boardwalk, the sea grass in the sand dunes,  and a bit of the beach.
You can also see a bright orange Mars near the bottom!
Mustang Island Milky Way

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