As a child, did you look at the night sky?  Did you learn astronomy in science?  It amazes me how many stars are up there, and I remember many summer evenings looking up at the sky.  My best childhood friend and I even picked out a constellation that was “ours”.   I think I can still spot it out there, Amy!

One night while relaxing on a lakeside dock in Vermont, friends and I were amazed with the number of shooting stars and satellites.  It was so beautiful super dark!

We now live closer to a major city and light pollution is a problem.   Over spring break my family went skiing in Park City, Utah and miraculously it happened to be during a new moon.  Utah is known to have dark skies,  so I did all the research before our trip so that I might take some amazing images of the Milky Way.

THAT was not to happen.  The Milky Way would only be visible during the early morning hours and I have 3 family members wanting to be up bright and early to ski.   I needed to be able to shoot from our rental location, however that might be.

THIS is what I was left with – no milky way due to not dark enough/cloud cover, but beautiful beautiful images of my favorite constellations.

Can you spot them below?

This is 10:00 pm on the side of the townhouse, as I wanted to do a test to be sure I was had all my settings correct for when the milky way would appear.

(hint:  Orion is in the trees)

(I will keep working on getting a milky way images one day!)

10:00 pm in the evening in front of the townhouse:

4:30 am the next morning in the back of the townhouse:

So come to say, if you are still here, that all of this researching, learning, and purchasing a new wide angle 12mm lens,  led me to be able to document this image of my boys first night sleeping out in a tent in our backyard under the moonlight.

On Instagram I follow this site called ROAM, and they do these glowing tent images in the most beautiful of settings.   Well, we just have my backyard and pretty moonlight!



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