THE incredible Total Solar Eclipse experience

Back in the 90s, I journeyed from New Jersey to Aruba with friends for my inaugural total eclipse experience. It was absolutely breathtaking! The darkness descended, the beach felt the constant retreat of wind, the temperature plummeted, and the birds quieted. I felt incredibly fortunate to share this moment with friends who shared my passion. However, as I wasn’t a professional photographer then, it was a friend’s camera attached to a telescope that captured the iconic diamond ring shot, now framed in my home. I couldn’t help but yearn for my own capture of that magical moment!

Jumping ahead a number of years, a total eclipse was slated to pass through our hometown of Plano, Texas! What a thrill! I was ecstatic that my children would have the chance to witness their first eclipse while still in high school — what an incredible experience for them! Many go through life without ever seeing one, and some don’t encounter it until much later in life.

We dedicated time to researching the necessary equipment and camera settings, making adjustments for specific shots. It’s crucial to practice beforehand to ensure you’re well-prepared and can fully enjoy the eclipse while capturing it on camera.  For the most part, I planned to use the equipment I already owned, with the exception of renting a Fuji 100-400 camera lens from Apeturent. During a practice session, I struggled to focus on the sun and nearly abandoned my aspiration to capture the moment. I thought of giving up and just enjoying the moment, rather than capturing it.  It wasn’t until the day before that I finally achieved success in obtaining camera focus.  Elated, I was even more excited to attempt this task, now the weather and clouds just needed to cooperate.  This seemed to be an unsurmountable task.

But alas, the morning clouds dissipated, unveiling the most magnificent view of this intricate moment in nature.  Enjoy!

the diamond ring


Below is a closeup where you can see the solar prominances coming off the sun.  Those are larger than the size of the Earth!


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