I’ve always wanted a treehouse.   To sleep on a starry night under in a treehouse on a cool, crisp evening –  just aaahhhhh.
My littlest and I love watching Treehouse Masters  and he was begging me for a treehouse.  (little does he know these are $70,000 tree houses, easy right?)
The best I could do was find one nearby so I did a google search and found this magical, wonderful place:
So excited that we are going to stay one night next year.  I can’t wait for my boys to see it!


In the meantime, this wonderful Savannah’s Meadow has two lavendar fields that have recently bloomed and they were so gracious to give me permission to borrow their field for a shoot one night.

It was my first time smelling a lavender field and the most surprising thing is the constant buzz from the bees in the lavender!   I think the bees scared the little ones and here and there a bee shows up in my photos.  Even so, the kiddos got used to it and did a fabulous job!

Savannah lavendar