We spent an incredible day trekking out to, in, and around Silver Falls State Park outside of Salem, Oregon.  My oldest son has always loved the sound of waterfalls to lull him to sleep ever since he was little. On our last couple of trip he’s specifically asked about visiting a waterfall.  Welll, Scotland we did see waterfalls but they were large and cascading off cliffs into the ocean.  (not the kind you want to get under!).  He just wanted to get under a waterfall.  An Oregon FB Travel group helped me find this delightful park.

This image here of Middle North Falls is by far my favorite image – not only for the beauty – but for the memories of our family hiking together with our boys in their high school years.


This is me and my boys under the very first “walk under” waterfall!  Love having an image of me with them out adventuring!


These next two are from behind Middle North Falls:


The majestic South Falls of Silver Falls State Park, the one closest to the parking lot, and the busiest.  Quite a few peeps edited out of this image:

Here we are at Salt Creek Falls – the 2nd largest waterfall in Oregon and a must see.  You can almost step out of your car and see these falls.   We hiked several hours in this area, and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous most of the time as I’d read a mountain lion was hanging out in the area not too long ago.

This was our very first waterfall on the 4 hour hike, we spent a few moments here not yet knowing the beauty that was yet to come.  The best part is here is my son who loves waterfalls, he had the best smile, as we finally got to do a great waterfall hike.