A week or so ago I spent every morning photographing over 335 elementary school children. It was fun. The children were so adorable, the cutest kids. It was outdoors. It was hot. It was tiring in the heat after 3 hours each day. I spent a lot of time doing “antics” to get real smiles.

 It’s been a joy to edit these images of little children and remember the ones whose smiles came easily. A proud moment came when the school employee told me, “this one won’t smile”, and my antics got me a few sweet smiles from this child. It is so personally rewarding to know that I can help deliver to his mom and sweet image of him smiling. I often thought, I wonder where life will lead this little boy, what will he become? One day could he be a brilliant scientist?

THEN, I met THIS girl. She is beautiful, sweet, and smart. She stayed still. She looked at me continuously. She is the midst of embarking on a new part of life – Senior year at Allen High School in Allen, Texas!

I’ve read there are three stages of living:

a) you live for your parents
b) you live for you
c) you live for your children

 Her life is just beginning.

 She is just starting the “you live for you” phase.

(But please don’t ever forget to call your wonderful parents)

 You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – Aristotle.
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