Certainly I can remember dressing up many Halloween in New Jersey trick or treating with the 40 or so neighborhood children. Many years we wore homemade costumes like an old jacket of my dad’s so I could be a hobo, or a clown costume my mom made for at least 3 – 4 years. We carried old pillow cases to carry home our goodies in, then dumped them on the family room floor to sort through and eat our favorite first.

 This, of course, occurred after Goosey Night. Goosey Night? Yes, the night before Halloween is known as Goosey Night and the neighborhood kids stay out after dark and cause a bit of a ruckus by writing on soap on parked car windows, tossing toilet paper over telephone lines, spraying shaving cream on cars.

 I thought everyone know about Goosey Night, but in Allen, Texas no on seems to know! I suppose that is a good thing as now I am a parent, a car owner, and a home owner so I probably wouldn’t like Goosey Night very much.

 These days mine seem to want to be a new costume every year. So I thought were were going to be two Stormtroppers, to be it was not. A last minute switch and now I had a black phantom and a skeleton. Here was our group costume: Two skeletons, one ninja, two Five Nights at Freddies’ characters. two black phantoms, Princess Leia

 We played a fun “Guess which Scary Movie Villan you are” game. I don’t think I have one single photos of myself or my brothers dressed in costume for Halloween. Now isn’t that sad?