My boys got to see real snowfall, throw a snowball and make a snowman and I was so excited for them to experience this.  Snow is not unusual for most, but after living in Houston for ten years (where it never snows), we moved north a few hours and got to see a real snowfall at our home.   So fun!

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Gorgeous capture!!!! I can't believe the snowflakes!

Wow. Love the snow fall. So pretty. You captured it perfectly!

LOVE IT!! so vintage! so cute! so awesome 😀

oh I love how you can really see the snow!

So sweet. What a gorgeous photo!

That face is so precious and I love those giant snowflakes! This reminds me of an old museum photo that I just saw with those enormous snowflakes! I love it!

I love the blur of the snowflakes and his expression. Darling!

This is a sweet memory of childhood… beautiful!

love his sweet expression….absolutely perfect!